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Castle Combe 2022 1.0

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At last, I’m happy to release the public beta of the Castle Combe mod I’ve been working on for over a year. It’s modelled from 1m LiDAR scan data and thousands of reference photos, so looks, layout and elevations should be reasonably accurate. It’s pretty much in a ‘finished’ state, although there are a few cosmetic improvements I’ll make when I find time - if you do have any feedback or notice any glaring errors / problems, I will try to fix for the full 1.0 release. My aim, as with Thruxton, was to build as faithful a representation as possible within the boundaries of time and technology.
I hope you’ll find it’s a vast improvement on any other version of Castle Combe out there.

Another of Britain’s many airfield circuits, Castle Combe first opened for racing in 1950. The track has in the past been used for series such as British GT and F3, but these series were short lived due to complaints over noise from local residents, so now the circuit is mostly used for club racing. Quarry Corner also has the dubious honour of one of the highest incident rates of any corner on any circuit in the UK. The chicanes were added in 1998 to slow the average speed, after a tragic incident involving a spectator.
In game, as IRL, the circuit is well suited to slightly slower classes like Touring cars and Historic race cars and provides great close racing with plenty of overtaking opportunities.
Track day mode is also great fun.

2 Layouts
32 grid spaces
Fully working AI
Multiple camera sets
Time Attack mode (does anyone ever use that?!)
CSP Grass FX and Rain FX implemented

Known issues / things to note:
No 3d grass other than through CSP Grass FX
Although functional, need to finalise extension scripts for better night lighting and Rain FX
Mostly tested with CSP 1.76 – 1.79 and Pure / Sol weather in VR

Thanks to:
Massive thanks to Tom Blackett who provided hundreds of photos from the circuit which have been indispensable for reference and texture creation.
Also huge thanks to Leonardo Ratafiá for the camera sets and help with AI.
And finally, big thanks to all beta testers:
Leonardo Ratafiá, Tom Blackett, Mark DENNY, TimLotus, McGherkin, Raymond Racing, Ruston, ShinyAndy, The-IC





Latest updates

  1. Version 1.0 Update

    Not a massive update and should have got to this much sooner - mostly just fixing issues people...

Latest reviews

Really lovely track. would love too see the kart track done too
Fantastic work, the most accurate and complete version of Castle Combe so far in the sim racing world. Great detail trackside too, super close to the real thing.
Thank you for another nice track!!
really useful for learning the track as was racing there and needed to know the layout
Remarkable. Awesome to see my local track realised so well! Great job!
Thank you.
thank you.
really nice thanks. grass looks slightly weird to me, almost like a mint tint to it, similar on thruxton too.
Great track for vintage racing. I did a few races with the Maserati 6CM and it was a lot of fun.
Thank you very much!
Excellent addition to the AC track list!
Amazing thank you!
Great job! I love it
Ok, ok, the update will not be massive... but the fun with this amazing gem, it is! This is another one of those tracks that should be an example for anyone who wants to build quality mods.

Thanks for share!

Tip for those who have just discovered this track: test it with a vintage sports car, such as the 1960 Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder...
Awesome job! Hadn't been able to find a good quality Combe to practice on for years until I saw this, this is awesome!
It's a decent version, but the hitbox on the first chicane is messed up. It's a lot further to the right than the actual tyre barrier. It kills a lotta people.
James Skinner
James Skinner
Thanks for the heads up - fixed for V1 release...
Hi, I'm really enjoying the track it's absolutely brilliant. Any chance you could make another track layout and use the Castle Combe Karting Track as well? I've seen you have already built it so is there any chance you can make that a track as well. Thanks
Top quality
My local and its good practice for when i go there for drifting i know this isnt intended for drifting however its the only combe thats well made so thought id use it for that
Fantastic work, thank you!

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