Ceylon Autodrome – Tissamaharama

Ceylon Autodrome – Tissamaharama 1.0

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Hi All,

Here is a new track mod.
I've just launched a new Patreon channel where there are even more circuits than the ones that I'm releasing here.
A small support through it will really help me purchase the models needed for the street circuits and would be really appreciated.

A circuit based on the only renderings of an actual project to build an FIA Grade-1 circuit in Sri Lanka.
Ultra-fast with a technical final sector, it has unfortunately never been constructed but I decided it was time to have it available on Assetto Corsa:)

Location: Tissamaharama (Sri Lanka)
FIA Grade-1
Length: 5,600m
Width: 16m

Design: https://allalongtheracetrack.co.uk/2021/04/21/ceylon-autodrome-tissamaharama/

The mod has:
  • Pit Boxes
  • Full compatibility with SOL, Custom Shaders Patch, and Content Manager
  • Replay Cameras
  • GrassFX and RainFX support
  • Night lighting
  • AI Lines
  • 3D trees
It also features:
  1. Unique 3D models of kerbs, pits and other items
  2. Realistic surroundings
Attached some pictures;
some more videos are also available at: https://www.youtube.com/@allalongtheracetrack4206/videos

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Latest reviews

A well done track for sure, I love the layout. However, is there any way to disable the night lighting? It is causing me rather bad FPS.
You mean that don't want the night lights on at night?
What a nice surprise: A very well made fictive track.
Maybe the project will see the light of day in real life.
Keep up the good work!
Very good quality track.
It's nice to see some new stuff coming out.

Interesting content on your Patreon as well, I just subscribed.
Appreciated your support.

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