Ciceley Motorsport Adam Morgan BMW BTCC 2022

Ciceley Motorsport Adam Morgan BMW BTCC 2022 3

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Latest updates

  1. Ciceley Motorsport Adam Morgan BMW BTCC 2022

    Darkened purple and cloud graphic to match RL car. Improved and finished S397 window textures...
  2. Ciceley Motorsport Adam Morgan BMW BTCC 2022

    Corrected rear wing on preview thumbnails.

Latest reviews

Using the MAS system really makes keeping up with the car updates simple. S397 updated the cars to correct some bugs and a temperature issue that cropped up. So new versions & folders were created. What I have done is create a 3rd folder inside each of the BTCC Car brand folders and I have placed all the MAS files in that. for example:
BMW_330_2020\Version 1.00 Version 1.01 BMW_Mas folders. Then when an update occurs just copy the mass files from the _Mas folder to whatever the new version # is.(and then don't forget to DELETE the mas files from the older folder)
With this method, I had all your files right next to their new location and cutting & pasting was easy. All the skins showed up right away. Thanks!
New update from me shortly.... fixing S397 unfinished rear window textures... and inside window textures... :)
Thanks for sharing.
Really great skin and thank you for sharing it with us.
Thank you

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