[Custom Adaptation] VRC Fortix Mando - #22 Joey Logano - Daytona 500 2023

[Custom Adaptation] VRC Fortix Mando - #22 Joey Logano - Daytona 500 2023 1.0

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On this edition of Assetto Corsa Isekai :

Two time NASCAR Cup Series Winner, Joey Logano, competed in the 2023 Daytona 500 in pursuit of the 2nd victory at the event. His car sported the usual colors of Pennzoil, his loyal sponsor throughout his career in Team Penske. He would finish 2nd in the race, missing out on victory to Ricky Stenhouse.

Here's what will happen if he's transported into the 2000 BTCC Grid using the Ford Mondeo!



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Fortix Mando is a part of VRC Tourers Pack : https://www.virtual-racing-cars.com/p/ac-vrc-tourers-pack/

Credits :
VRC For the Car Model and Template
Balwerk, Brandon Dollar and Apollo 440 for the support
@Stephen Bailey for the Number Template and Font
@Mahad for the real logos for the car
@Italya for the real tire textures!
Various other sites where I sourced the logos from

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