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Damon Hill 1996 Helmet 1.0

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The Codemasters' version of helmets and cars do not include tobacco brands because of current regulations, so I took Damon Hill's helmet and modified it to look as the helmet did in 1996 by adding three Rothmans logos. The most difficult part in making the helmet was to get the front logo look realistic, because it had logo, which I couldn't find on the Internet. I combined two logos and handmade one box and two lines behind them, so the front logo looks almost as same as it looked back in 90's.

Installing this helmet in bespokehelmets directory replaces helmet number 6. If you are experienced modder, you may also replace Codemasters' Damon Hill's helmet with this, so you get the tobacco brands on the persona Damon Hill's helmet and you get realistic feel when driving in Classic Mode with Damon Hill.

Because it took almost an hour to finish this helmet, I ask you one thing: please don't claim that you made this helmet. If you really need to reupload or edit this, please atleast give me credit. Thank you!





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