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Dodge Chally Wally 2.0 & 2.0

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The Chally Wally is a small Challenger. It had a difficult upbringing leaving it challenged. However, a minor impairment has never stopped anybody from succeeding and that applies to the Chally Wally.


The Chally Wally features the bare minimum to having criminal fun on a budget. Its light weight and grippy slicks make a GT4 turn green with envy. Its small scale gives manlets an opportunity to pose next to a muscle car without feeling emasculated. Powered by a 1 litre motorbike engine, connected to a 5 speed dogbox sequential, the Chally truly is the cheapest fun on the market.

VMAX: ~200km/h
Weight: 570kg
Power: 157bhp @ 10500rpm
Torque: 114nm @ 7500rpm
Gears: 5
Drivetrain: RWD
Acceleration: Eventually


Once you are ready to pick a fight with an opponent one size bigger than you, the Chally's Pentastar-equipped brother is ready to take on any challenge. Thick rear tires, a gigantic supercharger, what more do you need in life?

VMAX: ~300km/h
Weight: 600kg
Power: 427bhp @ 6400rpm
Torque: 511nm @ 5000rpm
Gears: 3
Drivetrain: RWD
Acceleration: 2 sets of tires

Driver animations are bad, but beats having no driver.
No seatbelt on driver (WILL NOT FIX)

Physics: Tunari
Modelling: Tunari
Skins: Tunari, RBDK Liveries, KAWA Design, Synodontisman, Pastor
Animations: Tunari
Ext-config: Tunari, Pastor
Sounds: Kunos Escort, Kunos Mustang
Technical consultation: Tes, Pastor, RBDK Liveries
Big ups to the basket weaving club for doing test races.

Content that works well with the CHALLY WALLY:
Kunos Brands Indy

Latest updates

  1. Complete overhaul

    I didnt expect this to garner so much interest, but thanks everyone for almost 6000 downloads...

Latest reviews

5/5 This helped the Americans secure their own independence against the Br*tish (fact checked by TRUE American Patriots)
Pretty cool.
chally wally <3
gotta love the benisoil livery.
absolutely love this car, great fun on small tracks or large kart-tracks
This mod predicts future frenetic, crazy and fun races in short and tight circuits... I'm already seeing it, yeah...
based mod, fun az. reminds me of those aussie racing cars that use bike engines n ****. Only real issue with it is the lack of LODs. not a big deal (**** most mods don't have them these days lmao) but it would be great for racing against a large grid of chally wallys on mid to low end pcs.

Think you can use simplygon to do it inside of content manager (though it's a ****in pain in the ass sometimes). I use this version to make some privately:

Can be iffy though so that may not be the best version to use now (haven't tried it in a bit), may wanna look it up. Think GTplanet's assetto corsa thread possibly is the best source on that.

Other than that though this mod is sick az. Real good.
hey pal,
glad to hear youre having fun with it. ill look into adding a LOD when i push the patch in a coupla months.

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