Domina Coral Bay

Domina Coral Bay 2.0

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Major update on ver 2.0!!!
Less memory used (saved 30%)
FPS improved by 15%
New textures and materials updated to the new KSEditor standards.

The Domina Coral Bay track is a fictional track (7.3 km lenght) realized within the renown Domina Coral Bay resort located in Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt).

The track was built using high resolution satellite images to rebuild the terrain/elevation as well as to position the existing buildings and the trees which have been realized using real-life pictures taken within the resort.
The track follows the existing roads, the actual turns and slopes and each element of the resort was painstakingly reproduced.
The result is a superb virtual reconstruction of the entire resort and a fairly technical track which development was done under the supervision of Domina Coral Bay WRC3 rally 2015 professional pilots (winners of WRC3 Rally of Germany with our car).

Download, enjoy and... visit Domina Coral Bay.
For the rally version, please download it from:

Davide Prestino (3D artist)
Roberto Preatoni (concept)
Andrea Crugnola (WRC3 Rally of Germany winner - track advisor)


  • Download the file via the Download This Mod button
  • Decompress the file
  • Open the folder and copy the entire folder to: X:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks
Don't forget to leave us your feedback, we are always eager to improve our work. Any suggestion is welcome as we developed the track all by ourselves within our hotel graphic department.

Last but not least, here's some insane drifting along our track (credits: Florea Calin)
pic satxx.jpg
pic satxx.jpg Screenshot_acfl_2015_ferrari_DOMINACORALBAY_25-1-116-19-1-40.jpg Screenshot_acfl_2015_ferrari_DOMINACORALBAY_25-1-116-18-59-52.jpg Screenshot_acfl_2015_ferrari_DOMINACORALBAY_25-1-116-18-59-42.jpg Screenshot_acfl_2015_ferrari_DOMINACORALBAY_25-1-116-18-59-28.jpg Screenshot_acfl_2015_ferrari_DOMINACORALBAY_25-1-116-18-59-5.jpg Screenshot_acfl_2015_ferrari_DOMINACORALBAY_27-1-116-13-11-36.jpg Screenshot_acfl_2015_ferrari_DOMINACORALBAY_27-1-116-13-11-2.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Major update V2.0!!! A visually stunning track good for F1, tourism cars and for insane drifting

    Major update on ver 2.0!!! Changelog: Less memory used (saved 30%) FPS improved by 15% New...
  2. Major update! Ver 1.4

    Change Log ver. 1.4 This is a major update - all textures now are in .dds format and mipmapped...
  3. Domina Coral Bay ver. 1.2

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Latest reviews

I am Egyptian and we had this time share at DCB, I say, I just love your mod, would love to see it finished, I may help might as well if needed, thanks
Good for it's time, but definitely very outdated by the standards of 2023
The textures have very low resolution, it's a pity because I can't get immersion
I noticed no reviews since 2019. This map has an exposure problem where everything is 1000x exposure and manually adjust it does not fix it. The map is broken and the dev is gone. This one is a loss.
well done at all. Thanks for your effort & bringing Egypt nearby in Winter...
Beautiful track...but playing Practice. During the race (with only 10 cars) AI don't work, hit the walls, on the right side. All too overexposed, any time or weather condition you put. Unplayable for me.
Good track, very enjoyable.

But there's a problem (with V2.0) with the exposure; it's really too bright. Version 1.4 looks ok a this point.
Very cool track layout although maybe a bit long.
Visuals are good as well.

Main downside – and the reason why I don't – award 4 or 5 stars:
The track surface feels very plain, like no structure in it.
If that's fixed I'd recommend it to everyone liking layouts with technical sections.
One of the best tracks i ever driven!
The scenery, the track itself, everything looks so nice and you have to love it .

Here and there are some small bugs, but as far as i know, they are on the ToDo List, and since they are not big bugs (Like falling trough the floor etc.) i think its fair to give 5 stars :)

Note. i only drive it in practice, so my experience is only practice
Roberto RRP
Roberto RRP
No please, tell us the bugs, the track is big so it's really difficult to identify all of them.
Thanks for the review
tanks for all the work but the track surroundings look really fake/bad like cut from a photo and pasted in game with al the white edges stil around them and buildings look real flat.
Tarmac way to big pixels don't like that eater.
Sorry mate keep up the work you wil get there one day
It is AWESOME!!!
I really wish this track exists in real life.
My PC has trouble running it, but it is awesome!
Beautiful looking, fun track, thanks for updates, but my pc is too old to run this smoothly, hope you optimize it even more!!
Roberto RRP
Roberto RRP
try the version 2.0
Very good track! Had a lot of fun! Road mesh is good too in my opinion, but it would be nice if there would be some small bumps or "noise". Keep on with your good work! Thank you!
Vital74 is right - the optimization seems to be much better now. Thanks!
much better, if you could now bump up the polycount on the road mesh and smooth it, that would become one of the best mod track ever, keep up the good work!
Roberto RRP
Roberto RRP
that'll be in the next release, thank you!
Cool track, but why pack all the files separately when its actually easier for everyone to have it in one folder? Thanks tho, look forward to trying out this version.
Roberto RRP
Roberto RRP
got it, our mistake, sorry
Still great track for drifting, there you go
Roberto RRP
Roberto RRP

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