Donington 1938 : RainFX, Seasons, LightsFX and GrassFX

Donington 1938 : RainFX, Seasons, LightsFX and GrassFX 0.1

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Important note: config uploaded to CSP, it should be automatically downloaded and enabled now.

Custom Shader Patch config for the track Donington 1938. You now have winter, autumn, lights during the night, rain, and a beautiful grass.

Spectators are also defined so their number can change according to the session type.

Some More details about this:

  • without Content Manager and CSP, this won't work
  • for seasons, you must set the date of the season you wan't in Content Manager (it's not a skin). For example, set the date in january or february to have winter.
  • rain: rainfx must be enabled in CSP config. you must have the patreon version of CSP, it's not public for now
  • lights: they will be visible during the night
  • grass: grassfx must be enabled in CSP config.

Feedback welcome.

The author of the track is welcome to include it to the track archive, or even to contact me to remove / correct things.




Latest reviews

Big thanks for this, I love this track
Big improvement to one of my favorite tracks. Thank you!
superb well done love your effects for this and Bridgehampton track.

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