DriftMode - Competition drift gamemode

DriftMode - Competition drift gamemode 2.6.0

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The mod scores your runs basing on predefined zones. There is an integrated in-game track configuration editor.


Visit Github page for user manual

Some (older) showcase videos:

Ideas for next updates:
Visit Github issues list: https://github.com/Brewsk11/ac-drift-mode/issues

Known issues:
  • There's some room for optimization, courses may become laggy with many complex zones
  • If you encounter any issues please post a bug report in the discussion page or file an issue on Github, thank you!
The json library included in the package was taken from https://github.com/rxi/json.lua

Thanks for playing!


I sometimes stream the mod development on Twitch

Latest updates

  1. DriftMode v2.6.0 - Editor QoL

    Some track editor quality improvements and 0.1.79 fixes. Changes Beta: added "Generate inside"...
  2. DriftMode v2.5.0 - Zone collisions

    Zone collisions and further GUI improvements. Changes added zone collision option moved all...
  3. DriftMode v2.4.0 - Visual update

    Visual and major backend update. Major changes zones and clips are of the same class now; can...

Latest reviews

Great mod and updates just keep getting better. Hoping for Server Integration someday it's just too good.
Much appreciated, thanks!
I don't know anything about development or digital coding, but in the future will it be possible to put it in online servers ? Thanks for your work anyway, I think a lot of drift drivers were waiting for this kind of mode
Online integration is not planned for now. I'm still exploring CSP's lua APIs for what's possible so I may decide to give a server hosted mod a try in the future, but for now it's not a priority.
Given that this mod uses the not very popular "New modes" functionality of CSP as it's core framework I wouldn't have high hopes for server-side possibilities. However, what CSP offers in terms of game integration is so robust it may just be somehow possible :)
Thanks for the review!
Amazing! I love how easy to use it is!

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