DTM 2022 extension for Kunos Nürburgring

DTM 2022 extension for Kunos Nürburgring 1.0

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As pyyer doesn't reply about the permission of making DTM skins for his F1 extensions I decided to get back into Blender again and dust off my little modelling knowledge :D

Inspired by other track extensions but completely scratch made, I present you:

The DTM 2022 extension for Kunos Nürburgring

This little extension adds the billboards, signs, flags and other small (but not all) objects seen on the 2022 Nürburgring race:

More pictures, used in combination with my Rich Summer skin:








Showcase video:

Oddly enough, pyyer's extensions always draw the whole memory of my PC, and I didn't know the exact reason, now that I made an extension myself turns out that the more separate objects you have, the more it draws the memory, and it seems like the movable signs next to the tarmac are very resource hungry, so I made two possible options; movable trackside signs and unmovable ones. Unmovable tracksigns are pretty straightforward, the game won't use that much memory but the signs will always stand in place and you won't be able to move them if you accidentally run over on one.
Despite all this I didn't notice any fps loss as this only applies to the memory usage, the added objects consist of less than 5000 polygons, about half of a rim model of a car mod.

1. Choose the movable or unmovable track signs depending on you PC performance
2. Copy the content of the selected folder into "X:"\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\ks_nurburgring folder.
4. Choose Nürburgring and select the 'Nurburgring - DTM 2022' layout in Content Manager in Drive tab
3. (OPTIONAL, if you want to have the AMG billboards and some smaller texture improvements) Enable the DTM 2022 track skin (also works with other skins)

One thing I couldn't get around though is the vanilla 150,100,50 trackside signs aren't removed (they're inside my tracksigns so you won't notice them unless they move, doesn't matter what I do with the ext_config.ini, they don't disappear, only if I would add a modifed ks_nurburgring.kn5 to the extension but that would bloat the extension to 300+mb and I don't want to reupload a whole Kunos track.
I would be glad if someone could point out how to completely hide those little signs because I find them really annoying.

Some frequently asked questions to save some time for each other:
Does it affect the fps?
No, like I said every object is built from scratch and use less polygons than a rim model.

Is it standalone?
Yes, you just have to select the track as a layout.

Why don't the boards have collisions?
Because I don't want to add more polygons to objects you barely crash into.

Will you improve it because it doesn't look exactly like the real deal did?
Yes with more updates.

Will you make a track extension for this track I like?
A track extension takes days of work and I do this for free in my free time.

What track extensions will you make then?
I do extensions for motorsports I like, so more DTM, Super GT, and Endurance content, probably Bathurst 12h next. No, you don't want to know my opinion about F1 :p

All in all I'm glad I could build all this and look forward to share more extensions breathing life into the tracks with you!

Credits: Kunos, TheNuvolari

Latest reviews

Thx for this great extension! Hope you'll do more DTM ones :D
Yes! Imola is next but a Super GT Suzuka extension and a complete Nordschleife vegetation rebuild is the priority right now :)
Finally, not only F1 tracks extensions (no offense, Pyyer :) ).
Thank you, TheNuvolari, for doing such a good job.
We all look to the future for even more cool releases from you. ;)
Thank you stay tuned :)
Fantastic - and YES - Bathurst 12HR please!!! Your quality and attention to detail is superb!!
Mediiza is going to make a track skin for Bathurst so be sure to check that out :)
Incredible work! I love this layout, so thank you for making this!
I'm glad you like it! Interestingly DTM choose this Sprint layout, not that I don't like it just layouts can have undesirable trackside signs that are unremovable haha
Really nice. And good to see another guy does extensions next to Pyyer! These are soo long overdue, especially for KS tracks. Keep them coming please!
Stay tuned for more :)
Well done! Your layout has only 24 pitboxes, not enough for a full DTM grid of 30 cars. Maybe you can add the OSRW addon with 36 pitboxes with your next update.
Nürburgring (36 instead of 24 pitboxes [made by OSRW])
Thanks! Next update I might add more slots, I think it's easy to do though I don't want to just include others' work in my stuff so I'll try to do it myself!
So glad we have you in community man. As always terrific job !
Thank you :) I'm always trying to deliver!

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