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Soviet Union (Estonian Soviet Republic) Formula Easter car. Maybe it was the first car with a ground-effect in Eastern Europe. It was made in 1980 by Raul Sarap in TARK factory. The prototype car was a Lotus-81. It had 1300 Lada engine and 5-speed ZAZ gearbox.

It was champion car for 1987 (Toomas Napa), 1988-1990 (Viktor Kozankov) seasons in Cup of Peace and Friendship and 1983-1991 champion car in Soviet Formula-3 (Toomas Napa, Aleksander Potekhin, Viktor Kozankov, Toivo Asmer) and Soviet Formula Easter (Viktor Kozankov, Toomas Napa, Toivo Asmer, Mart Kongo, Aleksey Varavin, Raen Pilve) championships.

It was built 295 copies during the 1983-1991.

The mod was converted from Ville Sokk's Estonia-21 for rFactor. It took a lot of 3D and 2D changes.


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3D modelling
Ville Sokk, Yuriy Zhabin

2D artists
Ville Sokk, Yuriy Zhabin

Dmitriy Alekseev, Yuriy Zhabin

Ville Sokk, Yuriy Zhabin

LODs, CSP, vao

Test drivers
Alexey Yaushev, Alexey Cheshenok, Sergey Globa, German Fomin, Konstantin Tkachenko

Official online championship: or
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.2

    What's new? - new gearbox and axis models - fixed shaders - LODs - CSP config - vao - F1600 version
  2. Version 1.1.3

    - new Formula Mondial car version (new engine, new tyres) - update aero
  3. Version 1.1.3

    - new Formula Mondial car version (new engine, new tyres) - update aero

Latest reviews

Fantastic car -- racing this is about as much fun as you can have sitting down. A must-have.
Fantastic car with lovely cornering speed which stuff almost takes all. Below: as for me, no any mirror issue, it's okay.
One of the best, if not THE best open wheelers in AC. Having a mirrow issue with this new Mondial Estonia 21. I don't know if it's some issue with the car itself or if I have some wrong settings. Screenshot here
Oh shi.... thanks mate! I'll fix it now
Hands down one of the best single seaters in AC. The demonstration that you don't need capitalism or V6 turbo hybrids to have fun. Heavily tunable. Original gear ratios are a joke but probably intended to preserve the active life of the vehicle. With 50 hp more (Lada 1600, Lampredi 2L or Ford 1600 swap) it becomes an RSS-40 Buran. Best car to learn what ground effect is if you intend to progress on to RSS79 or a Ferrari 126. The first time you'll be able to correct an oversteer you'll feel like jim clark.
Very realistic looking car, which is fun to drive.
Such a fun car to get into open wheel racing.
Great car!
These Formula Easter cars have in very short time grown into one of my favourite mods of AC.
Such beautifull little cars that are great fun to drive and look the part.
I'm running them now in a custom championship and its pure joy.
Really love them.
Thank you very much for this.
Thanks )
The whole collection of Soviet era racers is amazing. These are great cars to learn the basics in.

Just been thrashing them around Oulton Park. Such good synergy between track and car.

Are there any online race events using these cars? I wanna race.
Thanks! Yep - . New season will be at autumn.
Thoroughly enjoying this mod. I know little about this series but it's fun. It seems a bit too grippy to me but I suppose that's the ground effect. I can only compare it to the Ralt RT3 F3 car I raced in the 80s which had ridiculous amounts of grip due to ground effects. Thanks for a great mod
Thank you very much for this!!!
Good job Thanks, I do not know if the car in real make the same sound for all cars your mods Estonia, Metalex, Melkus etc.
they make a different sound in reality?
All Formula Easter cars had Lada 2101 (1300 cc) engine.
Excellent this and other your mods! THANKS!
Thanks! )
Thanks! )
Great little Cars! Thanks for your hard work
Thanks! )
Very nice car! Grip is beautiful! Please remove the driver's head in the cockpit view for best VR experience. Spasibo!
Great car, and unexpected fun :) Do not know much about them so hard to compare to real life cars. Race well with the Estonia 20 it seems.

One note, no car name is shown in game lists and an "real" tyre short_name would be good to (like P or something)
See MTX1-03 and Avia AE2 too ;)
Don´t get me wrong. The Estonia makes a lot of fun to drive, but it is not the real handling. It has too much grip and so the laptimes are much too fast. I drove it at Autodrom Most Chicane to compare it with my own real life impressions. I drove with only 5 laps of practice a 1:46.9. I drive in the HAIGO an MT77 with 1600ccm and my fastest lap was an 1:46.*** We have one Estonia 1600 in our series an he drives 1:46.*** too. Our 1300ccm Drivers with MTX, Estonia 21 and MT77 drive round about 1:52.***. O think the engine is ok, but the Corner Speed (Grip Level) is much too high.
Thank you! It's very interesting for me, because I haven't a lot of information. I'll try to fix it!
Really great car, lots of fun to drive, many thanks.
The car is listed in the 'T's' section for Tark and not E Estonia which may be causing the confusion as to the car not showing for some.
Thanks! TARK is factory.
I unzip the files, but the car won't show on the menu.
Wow... how?! Redownload!

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