Estonia-3 1.1

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It was first serial formula car in USSR constructed by A. Seiler and V. Paazik. Estonia-3 based on early car - Estonia-1 (by A. Seiler, 1958). First car was build at 1959. Serial production started at end of 1960. 36 cars was build to 1962. Prototype for all early TARK cars (E-1, E-2 and E-3) was british Cooper's formula-3 50's cars. But british cars was more fastly than TARK's cars, because TARK's had weakly engines and had more mass. Estonia-3 was Formula-3 (International and Soviet union classification) and Formula-4 (Soviet union classification after 1964) car.
There is only one Estonia-3 car in Moscow today. All another cars is lost.


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Historical consulting
Alexey Rogachev, Uno Aava

3D modelling
Yuriy Zhabin

2D artists
Yuriy Zhabin

Kunos, Yuriy Zhabin

Yuriy Zhabin

Shaders, LODs, vao, CSP

Dmitriy Alexeev

Test drivers
Alexey Yaushev, Alexey Cheshenok, Nickolay Osipov, Yuriy Zhabin, Roman Cheprassov, Edward Boldok
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.1

    What's new? - new shaders for carbody, tyres and some etc. - updated all textures - LODs -...
  2. Version 1.0

    What' new? - fixed engine (7500 RPM max) and UI data - brakes temperature - fixed some shaders -...
  3. Version 0.9.9

    What's new? - fixed FFB - fixed fuel consumption - some new skins - some fixed shaders - some 3D...

Latest reviews

What a fun little car! As there are still a few of the original Cooper 500cc cars and others like it in the UK, who do a few exhibitions races on our circuits, and I actually remember seeing them race back when I was very young, I had to try them out, and also grabbed the Formula Easter car too, very impressed! Saw a restored Cooper Norton 500 race at Brands Hatch with the Formula 750 cars, earlier this year, and it passed quite a few of them! Thanks Yuri and team, good work, will try some more of your creations.
Thanks )
The new sounds make this one of the better sounding cars in AC. Specifically the flybys on tv cam. I also like that the driver leans into the turns.
Thanks )
Very fun! Thank you. I really enjoy this car.
This car is so much fun! Don't let the low, low HP deter you - take it to a nice tight track, and have a blast!
It's a fun car, though as Fat-Alfie said tyres have way too much grip for the era.
Loving it -- so much fun to drive. Thank you!
Thanks ))
Очень крутая модель
Спасибо! Старался
Sorry but this model needs an update in quality when driving in VR. Steering hub is transparently and it is all very fuzzy made, like the “black stitches “ in the cockpit view.
I do not know why some here did count you for five stars, maybe in the flatworld monitor gaming it looks better, but for VR this needs to be much better.
Linux?! Really?!!!! Ha-ha! Great!!!
Very Nice! What size tires were they running back then? a 30/70/R22? lol :D
3,75 X 19
This car is so much fun, especially in the turns
))) Yes! You needn't powefull engine for powerfull fun!
A really fun little car. My only criticism is the tyres. They have so much grip, especially laterally. I tested on my Battenbergring track, 12.5km public roads, and I was able to stay in 4th gear for almost all of the lap, cornering at 120-130kmh without sliding.

If the tyres could be made to feel more realistic this would be a superb car for AI or MP racing. Thanks for your hard work!
Just drove the new model and it seems a little quicker but you need to feather the throttle now to keep from blowing up the engine which is a very unique experience in AC. This car is extremely fun to race so definitely don't pass this one up. Great job and the new paint looks great!

Not good at making videos so I had terrible results trying to make my 3 gig file smaller but here it is anyway at Feldbergring.
Thanks! Nice video!
I hesitate for long time before test this MOD !
What a good surprise. You will have to study how to be hurry, loosing all you know to drive this car in the first place !
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!! ;)
One of the most funny cars for AC. Thanks.
I love this car thanks
A video
Well done guys!! This is so much fun to drive. Really on point point with momentum cars, drives and handles nicely. Keep the updates coming! Cheers.
good driving!
Really the first time I did " feel " the need for speed using these cars, that's true come back to real racing, no need ABS, TC, downforces or electronics, just a driver, and skills, Thank you for making this mod.
Thank you very much!)) Yeah! It's just clean and fair sport!
Great update, thank you so much for your constant work on it ! ;-)
I asked you in the topic wich track is shown on this presentation, can you give it to us and me !?
Also, I was thinking that the tyres skid in the cocpit view could be increased.
Thanks a lot ! ;-)
Thank you very much!)) It's Rostock Osthafenkurs

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