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F1 1975 Skinpack 3.0

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F1 1975 car skins, now includes 25 drivers and Teams for GSC Extreme.


Ver 3.0 by KMW Feb 2015

Changes in this version:

1) Files have been edited so that this 1975 F1 car set now appears in the main game Menu as a separate set of cars, and it no longer replaces or overwrites the original cars. It will not overwrite any original files.

2) Thanks to Jyri Kettunen who adjusted my original talent files to improve their accuracy against the real 1975 season.

3) rfm file included which adds this car set to the main game Menu and creates a season that can be edited if you wish. Now you can choose to play the default cars, or this 1975 set instead.

4) The number 29 March of Lella Lombardi has been added (plus talent file).

Ver 2.1 by KMW Nov 2013
1) Removed the Copersucar version of Vel's Parnelli Jones Racing #27 car, and added a new verison instead, using the default car shape.
2) Minor amendments / corrections to some team names
Ver 2.0 by KMW Nov 2013
1) added Vel's Parnelli Jones Racing #27 car.
This car uses the Copersucar shape and physics, and has been added into the Copersucar\1976 folder, alongside the default Copersucar.
2)added Mario Andretti to the Talent files.


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Latest reviews

Fantastic work mate cheers.
Thanks, glad you like them :)
f%$&ing great way to handle with updates
This is a great way of handling these packs, thank you! Is there any chance that other seasons can get a similar treatment?
I'm preparing my 1991 skins the same way at the moment :)
more love for the Retro's....
Good work...thanks!
Excellent! Thank you
Thanks for this "Formula Retro 1975 season" Mod! :)

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