F1 2024 skins for American tracks

F1 2024 skins for American tracks 1.0.0

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Customize your Assetto Corsa F1 experience with these fictional F1 2024 skins for North and South American tracks!

What it contains

Track skins and, if needed, DRS zones for the following tracks (missing track links included in download).
Trackfolder namerequired extensionrecommended extension
Indianapolis Motor Speedway (F1 Course)aa_imsIndianapolis GP facelift extension
Autódromo de Buenos Airesbsas_h22_2023
Laguna Seca Racewayks_laguna_seca
Watkins Glen Internationallilski_watkins_glen
Daytona International Speedway (Road Course)rt_daytonaPyyer IMSA 2024 extension
Circuit Mont-Tremblantrt_mont_tremblant
Autódromo Termas de Río Hondotermas_2022_h22
Barber Motorsports Parkvrc_alabama
green: available at overtake.gg (and linked)
orange: paid mod
If you opened this spoiler, you might be interested in my other uploads here at overtake.gg:
Please be aware that I am only able to edit existing 2D graphics with my poor paint skills, not to create new ones. So I hope you don't expect something on the level of Pyyer's extensions, otherwise you will be quite disappointed :)

How to install
Drag and drop the content folder into your assetto corsa root folder (f.e. C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa). If asked, overwrite existing files. Make sure that you have installed the (correct) track mod first.

My mods are free and will stay free. You are allowed to share and edit them, although I would be happy if you refer to this download page.

Credits go to the amazing AC Modding Community, especially to the creaters of the used extensions, car and track mods, for example: shadow118, JDesigns, thejqka, LilSki, BoBaHK and Pyyer.
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Latest updates

  1. Reorganization

    Reorganized my offered track skins in different files, sorted by continent.
  2. Changed from .7z to .zip

    Just changed the file format from .7z to .zip

Latest reviews

Amazing work man!!! i only do offline races in non f1 calendar tracks and you are my new hero kkkkkk
Thank you for these kind words as my first review ever! I'm happy if you enjoy my track skins :-)

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