F1 2024 skins for fictional tracks

F1 2024 skins for fictional tracks 1.1.0

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Customize your Assetto Corsa F1 experience with these F1 2024 skins for fictional tracks!

What it contains

Track skins and, if needed, DRS zones for the following tracks (missing track links included in download).
Trackfolder namerequired extensionrecommended extension
Circuit d'Ajaccio00_ajaccio
Anadara Circuit00_anadara
Heart Lake Complex00_heartlake
Autrodromo de Palmadera00_palmadera
PGO International Circuit00_pgo
Janibaya Intl Circuit74_janibaya
Tevring Intl Circuit74_tevring
Bern Alpenringactk_bern_alpenring
Autodromo Bolivariano de San Cristobalactk_venezuela
Antalya Autodromeantalya_autodrome
Autodromo de Üqbarautodromo_de_uqbar
Colorado 24colorado
Majura Valley Motorsports Parkdb_majura_valley_lights
Forlì Ringforliring
Dragon Trailgt_dragontrail
Indonesia Circuitindonesia_circuit
Orchard Road Street Circuitlor_orchardLights config
3d trees / prm
Semanggi Interchange Street Circuitlor_sisc_jakartaF1 extension3d trees / prm / vao
Magnificent Park Internationalmagnificent-park
Merida Racewaymerida
Circuito d'Italiarmi_circuitoditalia
green: available at overtake.gg (and linked)
orange: paid mod
If you opened this spoiler, you might be interested in my other uploads here at overtake.gg:
Please be aware that I am only able to edit existing 2D graphics with my poor paint skills, not to create new ones. So I hope you don't expect something on the level of Pyyer's extensions, otherwise you will be quite disappointed :)

How to install
Drag and drop the content folder into your assetto corsa root folder (f.e. C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa). If asked, overwrite existing files. Make sure that you have installed the (correct) track mod first.

My mods are free and will stay free. You are allowed to share and edit them, although I would be happy if you refer to this download page.

Credits go to the amazing AC Modding Community, especially to the creaters of the used extensions, car and track mods, for example: shadow118, JDesigns, thejqka, doublezero, chilenaoexiste, shin956, Marocco2, legionofracers, rmi_wood, apollo440, ludwig6666 and jonniedesigns.
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  • 00_pgo.jpg
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  • 74_tevring.jpg
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  • antalya_autodrome.jpg
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  • colorado.jpg
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  • lor_orchard.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Two new tracks included

    Added Circuito d'Italia and Mixta by request.

Latest reviews

These fictional tracks feel like they were made for F1. Thank you for improving them!
Really nice work, can you add Mixta Circuit and Circuito d'Italia to this list? Would be great!
Thanks for your kind review! I just added both circuits :-)

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