F1 24 Season Mod Track Addon

F1 24 Season Mod Track Addon v0.1.1

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This mod is an addon for Venturi's F1 24 Season Mod! This mod will only add certain things to the game that are part of the pack that will add some new elements to select tracks. This will not add liveries.

To utilise this mod and get the full F1 2024 experience with liveries and other content, please download the F1 24 Season Mod from https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-24-season-mod.66826/

This mod is the work of multiple Venturi designers. Redistribution of this mod is strictly prohibited.

If you are a content creator wanting to use this mod we are more than welcome for you to use it, however appropriate credit must be given to the mod with a link to the mod!

This mod will not work in multiplayer. Do not access any part of F1 23 Online or F1 World or you will be banned in the current game instance.

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Latest updates

  1. Replaced the Media Addon with new Track Addon

    Us at Venturi felt it would be more beneficial to add more on-track elements to the F1 24 Season...

Latest reviews

Good job, man!!! This mod is very promising.
Great stuff.
Can I ask if there are any plans to completely alter all the main menus as I have always disliked these rather "cartoony" images.
That Red Bull alternative is spot on!!
In a future update, all menus will change similar to the Red Bull one along with some other changes. This will take some time however and the main pack takes priority

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