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F1 Dashboard 1.2

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This dashboard was created mainly for F122, but you can use this on AC too with some functions unavailable to be accessed. i still yet need to integrate the data from AC to the dashboard.

Please assign a button on F122 for your car temperature.
when you press the button, it will change the dash to show more data, without it, you cant access the additional data.

1. Tyre Pressure
2. Laps remaining of fuel. e.g if its above 1, that means you will have one extra lap worth of fuel by the end of the race
3. ERS mode
4. Self delta split
5. Bottom bar = FUEL
6. Right bar = ERS battery
7. OT = overtake status
8. C = Charging / P = Push
9. PC = Pit Confirm
10. H = Hard Tyre (shows current tyre being used)

Please let me know in the discussion tab if theres any bug that you guys encounter. Im sure there's any, it will be minor if not none at all.

If there's any questions, also just hit me up on discussion tab or comment section.

If you like my work, and want your own custom dash, please do not hesitate to dm me.

Also it will be appreciated if you guys can send some coffee towards my way, though its not required

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Latest updates

  1. lots of minor fixes + new stuff

    as title says.. if theres any issues, please lmk. thanks

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It is a very good design and it works awesome, but in mobile I can't see anything.

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