F1 Jeddah Street Circuit Realistic Sponsors

F1 Jeddah Street Circuit Realistic Sponsors V2

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Latest updates

  1. Added New Sponsors to reflect Latest Track Update

    Hey Guys, Today is just a little update adding some new boards for the new track update!! Check...

Latest reviews

thank you!
great work
Great skin, thankful. I know its sad we race there, bit the creator didn't need to do that. bit petty.
Thank you.You save a guy from assasination.(not me btw.)
hey how to install this mod??
Excellent work, for ppl who confused for how to install it, you have to create a fil name "skins" into the jeddah track file and another file named "default" and paste the files in
thank you!!!
Really good idea, however I installed these firstly into the root of Jeddah and then the UI folder, but still do not see them on track?
Do the files go into the root folder or do I make it's own folder to host them?
Very nice, thanks for sharing!
Thank you so much for this
Any chance to add the braking meter boards to the circuit in the braking zones? Still trying to learn the track to the max hehe. Looks alot better now!!
The track is still pretty terrible but this definitely improves things. I'm into racing, not politics.
thanks mate!
sad you stopped to do Formula E Skins
thank you! amazing
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
No Problem!!

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Jacob Cappello
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