F1600 Van Diemen and Mygale Updated Aero and tyres

F1600 Van Diemen and Mygale Updated Aero and tyres 1.2

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Drop it on: assetto corsa>content>cars>F1600_van_diemen and assetto corsa>content>cars>F1600_mygale replacing the local data.acd

Now it can be dragged and dropped into CM

It's probably not accurate, but it's way more consistent around the racetrack.

Hello again!

This is a small update to Bazza's update of legion's formula ford.

Aero was still producing lift no matter the rake, fixed that. Now it produces a small (max 22kg @200km/h) amount of downforce from floor and bodywork.

Tyres were still sketchy and since this model use slick tyres (instead of semi slicks on the original). Replaced those with Kunos F3 soft tyres correctly sized (and their luts) and seem to be working well.

Latest updates

  1. Now you can drag and drop into CM.

    Now you can drag and drop into CM.
  2. I've might messsed up the files.

    I might have placed the wrong file in the mygale folder, and it started spitting lod errors...

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Excellent, great improvement for these little formulas, could you continue updating the physics of these cars until they are perfect (Or as faithful as possible to reality) please

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