Plymouth Superbird 1970 (plymouth_superbird) Updated Physics

Plymouth Superbird 1970 (plymouth_superbird) Updated Physics 1.1

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Had this mod for a while, don't remember where i got it,. All i know is that A guy named Donnie Heerdt made a redux and Ass3tto. land edited it. And it was not that great, a lot of things were fixed compared to the initial release. But it was still not great. So i decided to get my hands dirty and work with the initial release.

Changes made:

-Changed rear suspension to solid axle + leaf springs
No ARBs or anything, car only had leaf springs, dampers and that's it

-Changed tyre dimensions to patch the Firestone F60-15 (with some small tweaking to radius that didn't match the 3d model. Based On Miura's Cinturato)

-Added Slick and Semi Slick tyres.
For fun only

-Removed ABS
yes, mod had it

-Changed LSD settings
.40 power, .50 coast and 18Nm preload, couldn't find real world numbers for the Sure Grip LSD this car used at the time. Car was undriveable around corners with the original config.

-Added wings and body aerodynamics
according to some sources this car produced around 220kg of downforce on the rear wing alone @ 320kph. On my testing the street version topped off @ 240kph so a 90kg of total downforce don't seem that outlandish when discounted the body lift and the Wrangler ride height

-Fixed Bonnet and Bumper Cameras

-Added a more proportional collider

-Replaced Sound

I hope this one works.

Latest updates

  1. ride height adjustment

    -lowered the ride height. (it was excessively high.,)

Latest reviews

It actually drives like a proper car now, the excessive oversteer is corrected, it gets very stable at high speeds as the actual car does... However the base mod was quite lacking in details. Would've been perfect with working gauges and pop-up headlights (I'm pretty sure the meshes are there, just without proper anims), but I understand how difficult it is. All in all it's a great fix on the most important aspects of a mod, the driving feel. Thanks for the fix!

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