F1M 2023 Season Database Update

F1M 2023 Season Database Update 1.22

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F1M 2023 Season Database Update v1.22 - Melbourne GP
by Giskard Design

Welcome to the F1 Manager 2023 Season! This mod aims to replicate the F1 2023 season as much as possible. With complete driver transfers and car performance tweaks.

As of 04/12/2023, this mod is now available for everyone!

With this mod installed you get the following database changes:

As of version 1.22

  • Updated car performance to mirror Melbourne GP race pace
  • Updated driver ratings for de Vries (78 to 74), boost top F2 & F3 talents based on 2023 results, ie. Iwasa, Pourchaire, Vesti, Hauger, Maloney, etc.
  • Tweak improvability stat for top F1 drivers
How to install?
  • Extract the .7z file, copy & paste the .pak files to paks folder in your F1 Manager 22 game folder (F1Manager2022\F1Manager22\Content\Paks)
  • Start a new career save for this mod to take effect. Send me a DM if you're having issues. Thanks!
Thank you to all my Patrons for supporting the development of this mod. Without them, I wouldn't be able to put quality work into this endeavor.

Big thanks to BromleyPlays for his initial work on the 2023 season mod. And also to Ablomis for making guides that made this mod and all other mods possible.

(Public Release Version)
Version 1.22
- Melbourne GP update, 04/12/2023
(Patreon Early Access Versions)
Version 1.21
- Fixed DB not loading issue, 04/03/2023
Version 1.10 - Fixed upgrade bug, adjust some driver ratings and AMR facilities, 03/26/23
Version 1.01 - Initial release, 03/23/23

Known Bugs:
04/03/2023 (Fixed with version 1.21) -
Database mod not loading when creating a new save. This issue has been fixed with the recent update. Thanks!
03/24/2023 (Fixed with version 1.10) - Upgrade issues when upgrading your car, affects all teams. This issue has been fixed with the recent update. Thanks!
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Latest updates

  1. No further updates planned - Final Version

    Hey folks, Unfortunately my Patreon page which previously hosted most of the F1M 2023 Season...

Latest reviews

this mod is amazing.
But I wanted to ask, how the performance of the cars is modified, because I like to do experiments in this game
At the beggining of a new season (after the first new season with this mod), when choosing the engine provider, all the engines have the same values for ERS and Gearbox rate of wearing (60% all of them). Is this because of this mod?
brilliant mod
Keep on updating this
Nice Mod, Thx 5/5
this mode is awesome, but i think some ratings are wrong
Magnussen 75/80
Buemi 76/72
Perez 86/89
Doohan 69/73
If you could change this stats, the mod will be perfect
Thanks a lot this is exactly what I wanted :) played my first season with this and it was a lot of fun trying to catch up to red bull with ferrari. Midfield got kinda boring but that's just because that's also the case in real life and you replicated it really well :D
Need update , Perez now is like 90-92
It's boring. Max always winning
You did a great job with this mod, but you did K-mag dirty with 75 ovr (even Buemi is better than him) . Bro did a pole position last year and now he is the worst rated on the grid. Please he needs to be at least 80+
It works perfect!
The Goat
really nice

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