Maserati Haas Team Mod

Maserati Haas Team Mod v1.20

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Maserati Haas Team Mod
by Giskard Design


This mod replaces Haas' livery to a Maserati concept as commissioned by someone from the F1M discord.

Version 1.01 - Compatible with the recent F1 Manager 2022 patch version 1.10.



Please don't copy, modify, reproduce or reupload my mods or any of my content without my permission. You can use them for your entertainment and if you show them in any videos, please add links to this mod so more people can use them.


Latest updates

  1. Maserati Haas Team Mod

    What if Maserati joined Formula 1? This mod replaces Haas' liveries, race suits, personnel kits...

Latest reviews

Can you make this on the 23 game if possible please?
For some reason this mod also changes aston martin's name to Jordan
Love the design and concept looks great in game, but for some reason this mod removes my fuel delta (+/- xKG Section) and leaves me having to guess how much fuel im left with. after some troubleshooting (as i have other mods installed) it ended up being this mod causing the issue but it could be unlucky with the other mods I have. could be perfectly fine standalone
Super. Implemented imediately. Any fantasy for Alpha Tauri? Is the only I didn't find any new livery.
Thanks for this
wonderful.... whats the discord link pls
Fantastic work once again. Thank you for your work

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