Fairy Castle Circuit – Dublin

Fairy Castle Circuit – Dublin 1.0

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Hi All,

A unique fictional track on a hillside just outside Dublin, facing the Fairy Castle site.
It is a roller-coasting track, with sudden and continuous elevation changes, blind corners and banking variations, exploiting the topographical nature of the area.
Many corners changes from uphill to downhill mid-way through; delivering a lap with perfect lines in every corner is extremely difficult.

If you want to contribute to the creative process please visit my new Patreon channel where there are even more circuits!

Location: Dublin – Ireland
FIA Grade-1
Length: 5,235m
Width: 16m

[NOTE: For this mod and for all my mods please remember to hold the SHIFT button while loading the track as it succesfully adds the sides.csv files which optimize the AI]

The mod has:
  • Pit Boxes
  • Full compatibility with SOL, Custom Shaders Patch, and Content Manager
  • Replay Cameras
  • GrassFX and RainFX support
  • Night lighting
  • AI Lines
  • Unique items like kerbs, barriers and bridges

[There is also a separata AI Hints file to be used for low downforce cars as they may struggle to go thought Turn 8]

Attached some pictures; some more videos are also available at:

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Latest reviews

super super super ....thanks
Tricky circuit to master, the elevation changes are challenging.
I found the light boards a bit too birght, but overall an awesome track to drive. Thank you !

I'll have a look at the boards for the next ones
Love the elevation changes.

Details and quality of the mod as usual.

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