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Ferrari 599xx Sound Mod 1.21

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Latest updates

  1. 599xx evo 1.1.5fix

    1.1.5 fix update
  2. ferrari 599xx evo new sound &1.1.5 fix

    It'll be fix of 1.1.5 update sound bug. Please replace a bundled sfx folder with the sfx folder...
  3. Reorganization sound

    The whole was reconsidered.

Latest reviews

Very good jod nonetheless, the interior sound especially in the upper mid and high revs is a bit unnatural and not very mechanical. Idle is good but it has a gap when moving slowly to the low revs. Also pls consider adding a braking whistle! Thanks and keep up!
No cockpit sound. Needs an update that doesn't require an improper fix on AC's core sound files.
1.1.5 fix info is misleading because it's not a proper fix just a workaround. just one star because I don't like when someone's too lazy to properly update their mods.
Amazing sound , keep up mate !
Nice improvements, the externals are the best part about this mod. Internals still feel too deep, and are too snorty, grunty. The real car is much sharper, and higher in pitch, also more aggressive. This still has that "conveyor belt hum" as the fundamental engine tone in the cockpit, probably a Kunos issue, but still there.
I liked the exterior sound but the interior sound need to be improved IMO
It sounds a little mechanical, but I like the sound's feel, really changes how I drive the car, so aggressive and full. Nice externals, keep up the good work.
Your sound mod is incredible!!! Fantastic work man ;)
Excellent sounds, interior and exterior. Sounds very alive, nice work.

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3.63 star(s) 8 ratings

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