Mazda-787B Sound Mod

Mazda-787B Sound Mod 1.3

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Latest updates

  1. Mazda 787B Sound Mod 1.3

    ver1.3 & 1.1.5 fix t'll be fix of 1.1.5 update sound bug. Please replace a bundled sfx folder...
  2. Mazda 787B sound mod 1.1.5fix

    It'll be fix of 1.1.5 update sound bug. Please replace a bundled sfx folder with the sfx folder...
  3. Mazda-787B Sound Mod 1.2 & skin

    This files are sound mod ver1.2 and the original Alitalia Mazda skin I made. Have fun!!

Latest reviews

no sound, don't download
No sound. Outdated
help me not feel internal audio thing wrong
i had eargasm but pls update for 1.4
Best Sound foe 787B please update for 1.3.4
hi, if you have time can you fix your excellent mod to v1.3.1 i have no sound
Great, just the best sound for 787, a true joy for my ears.
Works perfect on 1.2.5 with any fixes and gives me a great pleasure in driving my favourite car: thanks a lot.
Please give a look to my 787 skin and tell me your opinion
Very very good. TKS
Sounds are extremely immersive, hope you do more!

If you are having troubles installing follow Jake Adam's instructions "Put sfx file in the rar into your assettocorsa/content folder. Let it overwrite (backup the original) and put the guid.txt and the bank file in the mazda787b car folder."

Needs to be updated with the latest FMOD version. No internal cockpit sound. The fix mentioned needs to overwrite the newest AC's core SFX sound with older ones, which we should not have to do,
1.1.5 fix info is misleading because it's not a proper fix just a workaround. just one star because I don't like when someone's too lazy to properly update their mods.
Will this mess up any other sfx files if i install the sfx folder?
I can't get interior sound to work with the latest update. How do I install this?
Incredible sound for an amazing car! I was so inspired that I just got a 6:47.260 on the Nordschleife with the 787B. So much fun with it sounding this great! Thanks for your contribution. :-)
Excelent! Thank you!
Bravo!! I thynk that also Honda Nsx Jgtc needs your Japan touch :)
EXTREMLY COOL! Thanks for work!
Top notch
Amazing work, keep it up!

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