Ferrari Santander

Ferrari Santander 3.0

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Today was announced the return of partnership between Ferrari and Santander. What could it look like? Here is my version ;)

This mod contain the livery, the driver' suits, the garagecrew and pitcrew suits too as well as all the numbers of the drivers (from number 1 to 99) (THERE IS THE COPY & PAST INTALLATION)


Latest updates

  1. All driver numbers updated!

    From now on, all the numbers have the red outline (before there was only the number 16 of...
  2. Front Wing now in white color

    Front Wing now in white color ;)

Latest reviews

SOOO NICE i love it !!! Could you do a 2017 Ferrari Livery and Team Package for F1 23 Ferrari ? If not, its okay !
really great mod
I like! do you think you could make a 2006 or 2020 renault livery?
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
why not, I'll see if I can do it
Very good, would be perfect if the end plates were black
Is it possible for you to add mission winnow and estrella galicia to the livery? btw looks awesome
Hello I am new to this mod thingy and I don't know how to apply it.. how do I apply this mod to my game..? thanks!
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
move the "f1 2021" folder directly into your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steamapps\common" folder
I am new at this platform how am i gonna install this livery into my game btw It looks amazing
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
move the "f1 2021" folder directly into your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steamapps\common" folder
Nice mod, but can u add Santander in rear wing?
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
I tried but the texture makes it impossible (or very bad quality)
Looks good!
amazing mod, will it be possible to have a version with gloss red, like in 2017? Thank.
Santander Ferrari, a dream comeback... comebacks. Thanks for making this great mod... 2022 is the year of the red and white.
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
I totally agree !!
Awesome mod, love the look of white on Ferrari. Beautiful! Also i would to see number 21 with red outline.
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
thank you very much ! your number will appear in the next mod update ;)
Very nice. Sorry for being demanding, it would be better with the red outlines for all the numbers (for career mode for example). I know it's a lot of work, and it's great. Just a suggestion :)
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
thx ! it's something I'm working on, what number in particular do you want to start with? ;)
Amazing work! Very quickly made and looks great!
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
thx you ! it motivates me so much !!
You should be so proud of your work man!! its beautiful!! Love it!
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
Thx you so much !! it makes me so happy ahaha !

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