Fictional F1 Oceania Series skinpack by Mathias for RSS Formula Hybrid 2023

Fictional F1 Oceania Series skinpack by Mathias for RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.0

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Hello guys, it's been a while since I've posted here, this skinpack is a second part of a big project that @AATR is making.

His project is to add continental series to F1 and make them race on fictionals Grade 1 FIA racetracks. I gladly accepted to help him in the skin section, while he can focus on the track part

You can find more infos about his project here :
And his current finished tracks here :

Now let's take a closer look about the skinpack

The skinpack include 23 cars in total, representing the whole field of the Oceania Series Championship. All of them are Oceania based racing teams

In the pack you will also find a piece of lore that you could read if you want more details about the teams.

Enjoy !


Latest reviews

Damm would never thought someone would make a skin pack like this. this is really awesome and love how they all look. awesome job mate.
Thanks for the compliment mate ! :)
Just tried them.
They look good, I particularly like the Trident and Melanesia one.

Really creative.

Keep it up!
Thanks a lot, and glad you like them !
So many liveries, all very good quality, lots of details.

I'm enjoying a lot this collaboration.

These are some of the best fictional liveries around, no question about that!

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