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Fictional OLED Displays 4 All Cars 3.0

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Screenshots at the Updates tab page ^^^

The Download Now button downloads the latest, and (now-it's-true) Version 3.0, which includes all previous updates in a more convenient format, and a stunning ALL WHITE for 2014 Mercedes bonus just in time for Bahrain GP's FP3 session. ;)

Warning: Installing this mod will ALSO change the dashboard displays of many CLASSIC 8x-90's cars. Backing-up your currently existing, or modded, contents of the Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\F12013\simplefonts folder is highly recommended, so a restoration can be performed b4 any racing in CLASSIC mode if so desired. A backup of the game's original files is provided in the download. ALWAYS BACK UP all your files b4 copying any mod!

Read important tips in the Edited How 2 Install.TXT file in th zip

Credits: Special Thanks to @chargingcar :thumbsup: for his help and because i would never have known how to make this mod without him doing the following excellent mods & template series firs, AND then making them available for us to work with, generously, and freely, with his permission:

Latest updates

  1. WHITE GEARS & WHITE SPEEDS bonus for 2014-mod Mercedes Update (V3.0)

    (Edit: After watching the stunning nightime Qualy sessions, not just for Mercedes, but also...
  2. Fictional OLED Displays 4 All Cars Complete

    This (now-it's-true) final, newer version 3.0 available (as version 2.0's been included in it)...
  3. ALL Black Gears & Black Speed, Pen, Pit in, and green sand-timer icon version

    Moved into Version 3.0's Black Gears & Black Speeds folder Remember: This mod is FICTIONAL...

Latest reviews

Very very good

use this for more detail!! thanks for the oled
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks. I wish I could do better, of course, but first and foremost, I HOPE the code "masters" (cough, cough) WILL do them CORRECTLY this year (not holding my breath though...)
I love it! My season with Mercedes is extra special now! :D
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks!! =D And your input was much appreciated for the all black, and all white version suggestions! Without it, they perhaps were not going to be. And WOW to your super PCD-8D leds add-on! Have a great fictional 2014 season. ;)
Only getting greater with the mods! Truly awesome!
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thank You! I truly wish it was possible to make it look exactly the same as in RL, but it's impossible. Nonetheless, in Bahrain's clear twilight, with Winner's enhanced graphics plus mod's No glare installed, racing around that track with the sunset through your 'hypothetical' visor filter is a really cool feeling! :) Hope the real game's going to be faithful to it, but don't want to get my hopes too high... ;)
Excellent mod, brings life to the new world of F1 LCD displays.
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks! I am glad you appreciate it! It was not easy to do for me, given all the limitations of this game I had to face. I wonder how the next game's devs will deal with these new devices as a few teams are making use of them, while other teams have not.
why this?is not necessary to do this, if is impossible to simulated real wheels, dont do it but this....dammmmnnnn
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Don't like it? Don't download nor use it. Free country I live in here, FYI.
The lettering is very poor, looks like a magazine cutout, but I like the idea.
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks for the review. It's just for fun, and I will work on these small details as mentioned, and planned b4 releasing it. Watch the thread for notifications of updates. Backup your originals and restore your preferences at free will.

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