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(Fictional) Volkswagen F1 2015-02-27

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it has been a while i don't give any contribution here
you might meet me in other sim games as well.

i was planning to made the continuation of aagancia's Volkswagen F1 Racing a few months ago.
but the project was cancelled/abandoned due to CM's new horrible mapping technique which trick/limit us the skinners when we customize the car livery.

i've thrown the design to someone but yet he finish it nor upload it here.
so this skin has been abandoned for quite a long long time.
but a few people asked me to pass this skin to their hands.
so before this skin will stay in the electronic bin forever, i give you this.

end of drama.
you have given 3 size options as clearly marked in the folders so choose the size depends to your PC hunger.
this skin will replace your Red Bull livery.
don't forget to backup any files required.
huge credit to aagancia for the main idea.

don't force me to update this if you encounter some glitch, or you want a full team pack or anything. as the design has been deleted as i said above and i'm not really keen to this game anymore.

would be helpful if you lend me a hand for helmets, driver suit, pitcrew etc etc.
end of the longest description that i have ever typed :roflmao:

Latest reviews

Brings more difference into the game
Even though I used it on a Caterham, it still looks awesome! Thanks
Very good :D
Great job! Thank You!
thanks you
nice one Henky SA! i will use this now :) thx...
thanks Pam! use it wisely LOL =))
Excellent !
Great Work.
This bad girl deserves a "cough" spanking "cough", I mean 5 stars of course. xD
Nice work.
How mean XD
thx buddy.
looks good 5 stars from me
i love your work so much, keep up!
Thank you very much !!!
Awesome Henky :)
thanks charging. success for your Formula Corsa mod too.
sad that i can't help you but i'm hoping the best for the team and the project :)

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