(FICTIONAL) W Series fantasy grid for fsr_tatuus_f3_t318_2018

(FICTIONAL) W Series fantasy grid for fsr_tatuus_f3_t318_2018 Final

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A suggestion made by dear @Sven1354 .

I present to you the W Series fantasy skinpack. The paint schemes used in the inaugural season (2019) were used. Contains a mix of female drivers from various categories (Prototype, NASCAR, F1 Academy, plus some drivers who participated in the W Series in real life).

The skins were made by Arjanren. I just put the numbers, names and flags.

Contains 30 female drivers in this skinpack: (The choice of drivers was NOT MADE BY ME).
#4 Emely de Heus
#8 Chloe Chambers
#9 Bianca Bustamante
#10 Juju Noda
#14 Lola Lovinfosse
#15 Léna Bühler
#16 Aurelia Nobels
#17 Ayla Ågren
#22 Belén García
#24 Tatiana Calderón
#25 Toni Breidinger
#28 Maite Cáceres
#29 Sophia Flörsch
#32 Nerea Martí
#35 Carrie Schreiner
#38 Tina Hausmann
#43 Aurora Straus
#44 Abbie Eaton
#47 Jessica Edgar
#51 Irina Sidorkova
#53 Natalie Decker
#63 Tereza Bábíčková
#66 Chloe Grant
#70 Courtney Crone
#72 Angélina Favario
#87 Hamda Al Qubaisi
#88 Amna Al Qubaisi
#93 Lindsay Brewer
#94 Abbi Pulling
#97 Bruna Tomaselli

Car: fsr_tatuus_f3_t318_2018








Latest reviews

Cool pack. :))
Thank you very much
Love this but i would need to include, chadwick, visser, garcia etc etc
If you want I can include it. You tell me the drivers I need to place, and we negotiate the price.

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