FMS Dashboard for Simhub

FMS Dashboard for Simhub 0.7

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Hey Simracer!

I've really put a lot of time and brain into this FMS DASHBOARD, so I'll be very happy if you buy me a little coffee when you like it:

But now to the important thing: This dashboard provides you with the following data and information (tested in AC, RF2 and AMS2):
  • Flaglight with integrated gear display
  • CPU temperature
  • GPU temperature
  • FPS display
  • System clock
  • Headlight indicator (only in RF2)
  • Pitlimiter display
  • Time display (current, last, best)
  • Trackmap with cars
  • Fuel including calculation (Fuelcalculation in beta for AC)
  • Track conditions
  • Wheels & Brakes
  • Position
  • Carbrand (only in AC)
  • Carclass (only in AMS2)
  • Gameinfo (not in RF2)
  • DRS- and P2P-Indicators (DRS in AC & AMS2, P2P in RF2)
  • Short fullscreen display for current events:
    • Brake bias
    • ABS (not in RF2)
    • Traction control (not in RF2)
    • Ignition
Requirements and instructions:
  • Latest version of Simhub is recommended
  • "MSI Afterburner" is a requirement for system data (CPU, GPU, FPS)

Then double click on the downloaded file and open it on Simhub in category "Dash Studio".
The dashboard is optimized for smartphones and tablets, but can also be used in the normal primary monitor or other display devices. To open it via Smartphone or Tablet, click on “Start” -> “Quick run – on phone or tablet” and follow the instructions.

Have fun and see you on track!


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Latest updates

  1. New Version

    P2P is now implemented in RF2 Bugfix DRS AMS2: Fixed sometimes black letters on a black background.
  2. New Version 0.6

    Added DRS Indicator for AC DRS Indicator for AMS2 improved Bug fix: Gear indicator (Gear 8)
  3. New Version 0.5

    Added DRS for AMS2 Adjustment: Carclass text size (AMS2)

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