Formula 3 World Championship 2022

Formula 3 World Championship 2022 1.02

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Formula 3 World Championship 2022

Drive as Ciao Collet for MP Motorsport in the 2022 Formula 3 Championship

This is a custom championship built around a collection of skins and tracks, created by the extremely talented people in the Assetto Corsa modding community.

All credits can be found at the end of this page.

  • Average 7-lap races
  • Driver strengths based around 2022 rankings
  • Driver nationalities added
  • All rounds feature the real F1 2022 weekend skins and layouts
  • Correct start times for every round
  • Correct weather for every round
  • Each team features two drivers

  • Trident
  • Prema Racing
  • Art Grand Prix
  • MP Motorsport
  • Charouz Racing System
  • HiTech Grand Prix
  • Campos Racing
  • Jenzer Motorsport
  • Carlin
  • Van Amersfoort Racing

  1. Bahrain
  2. Imola
  3. Barcelona
  4. Silverstone
  5. Red Bull Ring
  6. Hungaroring
  7. Spa-Francorchamps
  8. Zandvoort
  9. Monza












Minimum Requirements
  • Content Manager
  • Custom Shaders Patch
  • Sol 2.2
  • Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 2
  • Assetto Corsa Red Pack

Installation (in this order)

Note: It would be easier if I bundled everything up to install in one go, but there's a few reasons why I wouldn't. Firstly, it's a waste of resources hosting two of the same file. Secondly, if the resource is updated, I'd also have to update mine which takes time. Lastly, the original creators of the below assets should get the recognition and the download count, not me.

Step 01
Download and install both of the following required plug-ins. These allow advanced features on some tracks (on-track TV's, leader boards, etc) to function.

Step 02
Download and install the Formula 3 car:

Step 03
Download and install the Formula 3 team skins. Drag and drop into Content Manager to install.

Step 04
Download and install the following Pirelli tyre pack. Note: drag the 'extensions' folder inside the following download into your main 'assettocorsa' game folder (read the supplied instructions for more info)

Step 05
Download and install all of the following tracks. Drag and drop into Content Manager to install.

Step 06
Download and install all of the following F1 2022 track extensions. These extensions add the real F1 weekend skins/layouts to each track, required for this championship. Drag and drop into Content Manager to install.

Step 07
Finally, place the contents of the included 'champs' folder into your Assetto Corsa 'champs' folder. This is usually located in:

C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Assetto Corsa\champs

  • Faster than the AI? Edit the championship (Content > User Championships) and edit the grid preset. At the bottom, add your own restrictor and/or ballast.

  • Want to change your main car? Edit the championship (as above) to swap it. Remember to add your car back into the AI grid, and remove the new car you're driving from the AI grid.

  • I've re-packaged and re-uploaded Pyyer's Monza extension so that it's a simple drag-and-drop installation, and now gives an extra F1 layout, rather than replacing the original Kunos track.

  • You can change the race length by navigating into Content > Miscellaneous > User Championships > Formula 3 2022 > Rounds. Here you can change the laps of each track. Don't forget to save it.

  • If you receive:

    "AC ran into a critical error:
    Your CSP version 0.1.79. Detailed a report"

    Then you've installed the tracks/extensions in the wrong order. Remove the tracks and extensions, install the tracks first, and the extensions afterwards.

  • Unfortunately, not all drivers are featured. In actual F3 racing, the grid can consist of up to 30 cars, which the tracks can't cater for due to grid box limitations. The best two drivers in each team, balanced between rankings and races participated, have been selected.

  • If your tyres are black with no texture, you've installed the above Pirelli tyre pack wrong, or not at all. Make sure you're double checking your install.

UI Extras

If, like me, you'd rather keep the UI elements in-game and not use SimHub overlays, then the following can be used.

  • Leaderboard app
    The leader board I'm using in the screenshots can be found in the extra's folder of this F1 broadcast suite package.

  • Tyres/fuel app
    The tyres app I'm using part of the Rivali OV1 app.

  • Car RPM/Gears, DRS and Delta app
    I'd recommend this F1 2020 hud app too, for authentic F1 game delta and car info

Or if you use SimHub overlays, this F1 2022 overlay pack is the one you'll want to look at.


Formula RSS 3 V6
Race Sim Studio

Pirelli F3 Tyre Pack

Prema, MP Motorsport, Charouz, Jenzer, Carlin

Trident, Art, HiTech, Campos, Van Amersfoort
GMR Racing Design

All F1 2022 track extensions




Latest updates

  1. Version 1.02

    Fixed grid incorrectly referencing Formula Hybrid 2022 cars.
  2. Version 1.01

    Driver nationalities added

Latest reviews

great work, but I don't have the rain tires available in the championship, although I have it on the car in simple race mode, I checked use extend physics..thx
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
Hmm, odd. For now, edit the championship to make any wet weather track 'overcast'. I'll look into this.
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
Much appreciated
Awesome as per usual.
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
Thank you!
Really enjoying this. Thank you for putting the work into it and sharing it.
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
You're very welcome, glad to hear you're enjoying it.
Great job man!
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
Cheers dude!
wow! thank you for making this awesome mod!
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
You're welcome!

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