open wheel

  1. vini2019

    2024 Fórmula Delta for Formula RSS 4 0.3

    PayPal donate: EXCLUSIVE SKINPACKS: Instagram account: Discord: vini2019skins...
  2. vini2019

    2024 F-Vee Brazil skins for legion_formula_vee 0.5

    PayPal donate: EXCLUSIVE SKINPACKS: Instagram account: Discord: vini2019skins...
  3. valentin28250

    DALLARA F3 Dasboard V1.3

    DALLARA F3 Dashboard for Iracing Dashbord work perfectlly with all alert (Fuel,Pit,Oil P) on Iracing Rfactor2 , ACC , AC , Automobilista 2 , Automobilista 2 , and more ... if you have a problem leave a comment
  4. vini2019

    2023 Campeonato Paulista de F-Vee skins for legion_formula_vee 0.2

    PayPal donate: EXCLUSIVE SKINPACKS: Instagram account: Discord: vini2019skins...
  5. M

    Bathurst International 2023 Track Skin 1.1

    For Assetto Corsa. Reboot Team version of Bathurst. This event occurred from November 10-12, and featured the following racing categories : - TCR - Trans Am - Touring Car Masters - Open Wheel - Porsche Sprint Challenge - V8 Touring Cars - Production Cars As this is a track skin, it has to...
  6. vini2019

    Fórmula Delta ULTIMATE PACK for Formula RSS 4 FINAL FIXED

    PayPal donate: EXCLUSIVE SKINPACKS: Instagram account: Discord: vini2019skins...
  7. AfersonPex

    Blood Rose BAC Mono Fantasy Skin 4k 1.0

    BAC Monos are fun fast and furious. Here's a custom wrap made of Bloody Roses. Thanks to @blackcelica for the Senna driver gear. This prolly won't be the last Mono I make. Drive it like you stole it.
  8. blaze2681

    #37 US Racing - Kacper Sztuka - livery for Formula RSS 4 1.0

    Livery of Italian F4 driver for #37 US Racing, Kacper Sztuka. It's probably not 100% accurate, especially since the RSS F4 is 'slightly' different than the car used in Italian F4. Feel free to suggest any changes to consider in future updates, I might post an update soon if I find some time...
  9. cheetocatto

    Formula Ford (legion van diemen version) updated tyres and aero (data.acd) 1.0

    For the newest data.acd (van diemen and Mygale F1600) file go here: INSTALL MANUALLY Drop it on: assetto corsa>content>cars>legion_van_diemen and replace the local data.acd (if any)...
  10. cheetocatto

    Formula Vee (legion) updated aero and setup misc 1.2

    INSTALL MANUALLY Drop it on: assetto corsa>content>cars>legion_formula_vee and replace the local data.acd (if any) Can now drag and drop into CM Hiya! I've been looking through my cars and found some behaving a bit 'uncommonly' and decided do go down the rabbit hole of AC physics. UPDATE...
  11. pz666

    Formula 12s 0.95

    The Formula V12 has long been a favourite of mine, from it's sounds to the way it drives, especially after the tyre updates. But it's always annoyed my that when I use a Formula V12 mod that represents a year the actual V12s got beat by a Williams Renault V10 or something... Thus I started...
  12. Geraint Thomas

    Formula 3 World Championship 2022 1.02

    Formula 3 World Championship 2022 Drive as Ciao Collet for MP Motorsport in the 2022 Formula 3 Championship This is a custom championship built around a collection of skins and tracks, created by the extremely talented people in the Assetto Corsa modding community. All credits can be found...
  13. Geraint Thomas

    Formula 1 World Championship 2022 1.02

    Formula 1 World Championship 2022 Drive as Daniel Ricciardo for McLaren in the 2022 Formula 1 Championship Cozy61 has already put together a fantastic 2022 championship, but will be taking a step back from the modding scene next year. After a discussion, we agreed that this would be the...
  14. Hakai67

    RSS Formula 70 skins - F1 2022 Pack 1.2

    A quick (but reasonably good looking) set of modern F1 skins for the RSS Formula 70 car, purely intended for enjoying a full field of F1 liveried RSS cars until someone comes up with a better set. Based on the Porknose skins by Hoksu, with inspiration and bits from Shadow118 and his RB skin and...
  15. Nekolay

    Open Wheel GRiD Career Mod (W.I.P) 1.0

    GRiD Career like system in AC by NEKOLITCH (only open wheelers now) Will add every GRiD category sooner! Only includes GRiD Series tracks! This mod includes three championships Tier 1: Dallara F312 Championship (18 cars, 7 events) Formula C Tier 2: Formula 2 2017 Championship (20 cars, 6 events)...
  16. VRC - Schmawlik

    [Car Data] F1 BMIG and DIFF Control [DEPRECATED]

  17. TheBlackF40

    Repsol Honda Super Formula Team 2022 1.1

    My largest project yet, although that's not saying much. This is an adaptation of the iconic Repsol-Honda Moto GP livery to the RSS formula Supreme, with matching ACSPRH helmets for each driver. The cars would be completely legal to compete in the 2022 season and plenty of work went into getting...
  18. VRC - Schmawlik

    [RARE] Rules and Race Enhancements v1.1.5.0

    Patreon - Access to Preview Builds RARE GITHUB WIKI Requires Minimum CSP version v0.1.79 (2144) This app is meant to help fix some of the shortcomings that AC has in regards to rules, AI, and race setup. If you need help or have any questions, use the discussion board on this mod page. I will...
  19. H

    US Open Wheel Racing Entries/Rumours that never happened

    I remember a few from 2003: F3000 teams Arden and the short-lived Brand Motorsport were linked with entries, the latter would have brought back Nicolas Minassian, the former could have had something to do with the fact that one of their drivers that year was Townsend Bell who had recently...
  20. Doyzza

    Formula Holden (6 Skins) | Estonia 25 1

    6 Formula Holden skins for the Estonia 25 mod, featuring Skaife, Murphy, Crompton and a few others. I did the best I could with the minimal photos I could find of these cars. It is the closest I could find to a late 80s/early 90s open wheel mod. Mod...

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