Formula DS: fastest, extremest virtual car

Formula DS: fastest, extremest virtual car 4.0.1

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Who cares of physics laws: reach over 300G, and 16000 km/h, right below the speed where the game breaks (16360km/h)!
Moved by a petrol+jet engine (and KERS), the car has a very advanced dynamic wings aerodynamic system, to keep the downforce constant at every speed (around 7 tonnes, for a car that weighs 350kg), to stop the car after accidents, and stabilize the car at high speeds.

Useful info:
- If it feels too much powerful, you can tweak the turbo max power using the numbers in row of the keyboard.
- If it has too much (or not enough) grip, you can choose between 5 compounds + one tyres set for drag racing (low front grip, high rear grip)!
- For reaching 16000 km/h, you have to change 6th gear and master gear ratio from the setup.
- I recommend you to disable automatic friction, since it can't handle well all the car's power, at all.
- To tweak the FFB strength of the car, you can use the - and + keys from number keypad. ;)

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Latest updates

  1. 1 edit only: default setup

    The only change in this version is the default setup. Turbo default max pressure is 80%, default...
  2. Added tyres sets, edits in suspensions, aero, etc.

    After almost 3 years, a very big update. ;) I worked on it driving mostly in rallenty...
  3. Improved suspensions and stabilizer wings, etc.

    [Done another record on Nordschleife, with this update. 1.10.948, check out the video in...

Latest reviews

This is amazing. I hope you make more cars like this that go like 30000000000000000000000000000000000000 mph lol. It is perfect!
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
Ahahah sadly it's impossible to overcome 16360 km/h. The wheels stop colliding from the ground. Unless I'd make a flight mode ahaha
Can you please explain what u mean with !changing gears in setup" before going on the track? i dont know what i have to do, i wanna drive 16000 kmh.

PS: Absolutely love your mod, thank you
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
The setup is in the red buttons before starting the session. It should be the second or the third, i don't remember. Then, there is a gearing menu on the top side. Thanks for the appreciation!
How do you tune the car with that much horsepower? I'm trying to tune cars as well but the grip is always a issue or they just fly off the map. Any advice would be helpful, THANKS!
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
This is not a basic tuning, it's a complete new physics for the car i started from (formula abarth). So it has the obvious things meaning high grip on tyres, but also a lot of downforce, which I managed to keep about constant (about 5 tonnes all the time). The aerodynamics is almost completely dynamic, meaning that the wings angles vary over time depending on speed (and some on g forces in case of car crash, to prevent the game from crashing), and on brakes. Also, the center of mass is at the same height of the road. I've worked a lot on suspensions and tyres in order to be able to withstand the crazy downforce, and not to bounce like crazy when still (where you got no downforce, and the car is only 300kgs heavy). If you need more help contact me in private, but I'll tell you that it's not easy to replicate this. There's a reason there is only one Formula DS ahah
car very fast go Nyooom. perfect
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
Ahah thank you!
Speed.... Grip..... What more can you ask for?
Amazing car overall but it tops out at 1884 i dont know why but does anyone know how to fix it?
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
You've got to change gears ratios in the setup, before going in track
Ed eccola l’auto più pazza sgravata del circus.. gg Pier è la cosa più figa che io abbia mai visto
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
ahaha grazie mille
Insanely fun machine! Maxed it at 16300km/h is there any way to drive faster? im getting speedblind at this point :D
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
Ahaha thank you
The game engine doesn't support more than 16359 km/h. Over that speed, wheels will stop colliding and you will fall on the ground ahaha
There is a way you could try for going "faster": speedhack tool, using cheat engine that feature changes the game speed
this is the most insane car mod in the world man
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
And I'm proud of that
Thank you ahah
how do u put files and u know where to put files in n stuff
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
It's installed like any car mod for assetto corsa, search on YouTube how to install car mods for AC maybe. Thanks for the positive review
i absolutely hate it from the bottom of my heart, it's perfect
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
thanks ahahah
This is undriveable I FKN LOVE IT!!!!!
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
ahaha thanks
This is how everyone thought 2021 would go for Hamilton
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
Haas for 2022 seems quite promising
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
Totally AHAHA
Pure insanity .
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
Exactly :P
works great ..but could be a bit more polished.
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
Polished where in particular? Tell me in the private messages
WOOOH! this is a car! AH AH AH! Go Piereligio Go!
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
Do we know each other? ahaha yes it's a car
Haha its fun! I could actually do a lap(a very sketchy one) at monza 1966, apreciate your work, thanks!
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
Thank you for the feedback, glad that you liked it :)
The fastest bathtub I ever been in
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
And now it's even faster ahah
this is the most stupid thing i've ever driven and i love it so much
Piereligio Mods
Piereligio Mods
So do I, glad that you like it :D

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