Formula E S9 / Envision Racing [4K + 8K]

Formula E S9 / Envision Racing [4K + 8K] 0.51

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For the VRC Formula Lithium 2023.


Skins to replicate the look of the cars entered in the 2023 Formula E season by Envision Racing for series veteran Sébastien Buemi and championship hopeful Nick Cassidy.

Suits, helmets and crew textures are NOT included at the moment. They may be added at a later date - probably after all the base skins for the 2023 season are done.




How to install: drag and drop the folder in the assettocorsa>content>cars folder. Inside the individual skin folders you will also find a subfolder containing the 8K resolution versions of the skins.

Latest updates

  1. v. 0.51

    Minor improvements to the design of the rims.

Latest reviews

Great work, though you could always use the default kunos helmets, suits & gloves with a skin.INI file until you decide to add your own suits.
Nice job!
Excellent. Lovely to see some F Es. If you're looking for another target VRC seem to have given fake skins for everyone except the Porsche.
Ah, I'm leaving that one for last, hoping that somebody who actually knows what they're doing will take care of it before then...

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