Formula Hybrid 2020 Ferrari SF1000 skin

Formula Hybrid 2020 Ferrari SF1000 skin 1.4

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Latest updates

  1. wrong logo map in version 1.3

    If you downloaded version 1.3, please update it to version 1.4 Sorry for the inconvenience...
  2. some tweaks

    Update 1.3 - tweaked the red color one last time to accommodate people who run a slightly...
  3. color match to Ferrari studio shots

    Update 1.2 - matched the red color to the Ferrari studio shots - updated color for the rims...

Latest reviews

The skin itself is great but ferrari removed the weichai from the halo if you could remove that as well it would be perfect again
Absolutely fantastic skin. Great for VR! Seeing the updates, the amount of work that must've gone into it is inssane. Attention to detail is 10/10. See it in action at the ~1:10 minute mark in my video:

Getting to driving close to it in VR is something else!
Honestly, anything less would be criminal. Perfect!
Absolutely awesome.
The only thing are the rims, for me they appear like they're chrome
Yeah that is a bit depending on you filter settings. If you want that gone you can open the ext_config file in the skin folder and delete the following lines:

[INCLUDE: common/materials_carpaint.ini]
CarPaintMaterial = EXT_Rim, EXT_Rim_Sticker, EXT_Rim_Color_TX, rim_detail_1, rim_detail_2

If you want an other rim color you can change that in cm_skin.JSON or open it in CM showroom and change the color in the Paint Shop. Watch out that will create a CM_Num file you want to delete after you changed the rim colors.
Beautiful, thanks!
Great skin. It looks amazing but for some reason the Pirelli tyres don't show up in game for me, only in preview. Is there a fix i can do to sort this?
Don't forget to overwrite the files in the extension folder of the rss_formula_hybrid_2020 folder. These are the tires Assetto uses in game. The folder is in the zip file with the required dds files.
God job ! Thanks
Grazie ragrazzi!
Very Very Good!!!
Thanks !
This latest update is fantastic, well done!
(Maybe change the preview pictures on the main page? They still show v1.0 with the very vibrant red color and people might be confused as to why the skin looks different now...)
very nice thanks
Good quality
Thanks !
Well done, thank you very much!
fast and good
1 down 9 to go - great work and timing - Thanks!!

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