FSAE: Monash Motorsport M17c

FSAE: Monash Motorsport M17c 1.0

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Model: MMS M17c
Version: V1.0

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Unzip “m17c.zip”, and paste into assetto corsa/content/cars in your respective installation location

This car was originally produced as a method for track visualisation within the team, and along the way I have had a go at modelling the vehicles handling. The result it a car that is drive-able but is far from forgiving. The purpose of releasing the model is to allow other members of the FSAE community a chance to see how we did it in 2017 and improve upon the result.

The data file has been left unlocked, have play and tune whatever parameters you desire and see how the vehicle responds. If you land on a tune that is an improvement on the existing model let me know!

I’ve included the full sponsored livery of the car, as well as a second blank template that should give you an idea of what to edit. Again, if you have a sick custom livery let me know and I will update the resource to include it.

The tyre modelling is not perfect, as a recommended setup to avoid mass burnout:
  • Set ambient temp to 30 ° C or higher
  • Tyre wear at 1X or Off
Have a play with assists and see what works for you. Automatic transmission is ok, would definitely stick to manual if you can.

Known issues:

Brake shudder:
The car will shudder from side to side while under brakes, it's mitigated by avoiding mid-corner braking. Change DXY from -0.043 to -0.025 in tyre.ini to reduce the severity.

Front wheel glitching:
Sometimes under hard braking, whilst cornering, a front wheel may decide to flip around and point backwards. Doesn't happen very often but it will take you by surprise when it does.

General 3D model issues: In terms of 3D modelling it's rough in some areas, there will be textures that don't line up or components poking through here and there. I have done my best to setup the animations so they aren't distracting from the experience.

Recommended Circuits:

Formula Student Skidpad/Acceleration

Formula Student Autocross/Edurance -

Formula Student UK 2020

Cheers to the members of the community for giving advice along the way re setup of the car and understanding the areas of the car that I did not play a role in designing (there's a lot of them). Thanks to garyjpaterson for his ksEditor advice and also a stunning Hoosier tyre texture.


Screenshot_m17c_fs uk 2020 - sprint_7-9-120-18-42-51.jpg
Screenshot_m17c_fs uk 2020 - sprint_7-9-120-18-45-0.jpg

Screenshot_m17c_fs uk 2020 - sprint_7-9-120-18-42-15.jpg

Latest reviews

I would give a 5 star but the car will get to 4th gear and top out at 55mph. When you shift to 5th it loses speed. How do I fix this?
I appreciate your excellent job!
We will train with this car for the FSAE JAPAN 2021.
OMG thank you!! I graduated from Monash last year and still remember when I was rejected because I study Biomed not engineering lol
Your car is beautifully modeled and fun to drive. I tested her on the skidpad and the lap time is close to the UCM. Although your car is a bit bumpy and struggle on hard turns in Formula Student - Silverstone, it's a real joy to test her out. Love your work. Cheers!!!
As a fellow member of an FSAE team, I appreciate having an IC car in AC. Drives pretty well out of the box other than the small bugs mentioned which I'm sure can be ironed out. Nice job!
Happy to see more Formula Student cars in Assetto Corsa! Great job!

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