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Game Stock Car Launcher 1.01

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Now when we have so many great mods for GSC I found it tedious to scroll through all of them to find what I was looking for so I made this little launcher to make life easier.
It's actually a launcher for rFactor I made a while back with some modification to work with GSC.

I thought I share it. Hope anyone else finds it useful.

If you run in to any issues, please report them and I'll see what I can do.

---=== OBS ===---
Backup your PLR file before using this application as it will make some changes to the file.
I haven't had any issues but it's better to be safe.
---=== OBS ===---

Latest updates

  1. Game Stock Car Launcher

    Some users had issues with the wheel rotation. I will have to look in to this but for now the...

Latest reviews

Very nice tool! Thank you.
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Glad you like it :)
Thanks! This fills the need I forgot I had, heh!
One thing I notice is that it doesn't save my controller selection; I still have to select it in-game.
Exactly what I was looking for!

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Martin Vindis
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