Glickenhaus Racing Full Livery Pack WEC 2021/22 | URD SCG007

Glickenhaus Racing Full Livery Pack WEC 2021/22 | URD SCG007 1.1 Sebring 2022

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Small personal update July 10th 2022:
As I'm currently very busy with uni, this pack misses the 2022 6h Spa, 24h LeMans and 6h Monza skins. I always wanted to add them during the race weekend, but missed out on them sadly. They will be added afterwards, but currently I simply have no time at all. Thanks for understanding :)

This skinpack includes all liveries of the Glickenhaus SCG007, raced in the 2021 and 2022 WEC season in 2k, 4k and 8k versions.

Pit wall and signs are included as well, racesuit and crew will follow.
The grey roof will soon be replaced with the shiny, glossy one as well as some color corrections and carbon textures on the side! Stay tuned!

Also a big shoutout to @bastoner97 , who kindly allowed me to use his Michelin Hypercar tyre textures for my skins, as well as to @Salty Drayl for letting me use his headlight tear offs!

This is not an edited version of the original URD skin, but a complete, 8k remake including all liveries and details like the names on the side cover raced in LeMans and the Goodwood sticker on the 709 car.

#708 Sebring 1000 Miles 2022
Ryan Briscoe | Romain Dumas | Oliver Pla


SCG007 LMH first Test
Vallelunga - 25th Feburary 2021


#709 Portimao 8h 2021
Ryan Briscoe | Romain Dumas | Richard Westbrook


#708 Monza 6h 2021
Pipo Derani | Gustavo Menezes | Olivier Pla


#709 Monza 6h 2021
Romain Dumas | Franck Mailleux | Richard Westbrook


#708 LeMans 24h 2021
Pipo Derani | Franck Mailleux | Olivier Pla


#709 LeMans 24h 2021
Ryan Briscoe | Romain Dumas | Richard Westbrook


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Latest updates

  1. Sebring 2022 added!

    Added the Sebring 2022 skin!
  2. T-Car, 2k and 4k added, minor improvements

    In this update, I adressed some of the issues you had: - added full 2k, 4k and 8k versions for...

Latest reviews

Thank you so much! Do you plan on adding the Le Mans 2022 skins & 708 WEC skin as well?
Thanks mate! I really wanted to update it, but sadly the project is on hold currently due to some changes in life and work starting in real motorsport. Unfortunately, I can't promise, if I will ever update it, but I will keep it in mind!
Thank You excellent work!
Thank you very much for this high-quality skins!
Beautiful, thanks a lot.
Beautiful and accurate works, thank you very much ! ;-)
Great skin. Very detailed. I changed the 708 drivernames in the jsonfile myself. Just a little bug.
Thanks for the hint, will change that in the next update as well!
5 stars job but 4 stars because there's no 2/4K option.
Bit baffling, that.
2K and 4K skins are now added, would be cool if you would change your rating accordingly :)
these look awesome, very well done!

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