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GoKart 0.3a

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GoKart 50ccm - 13bhp/11NM, 70kg, ~105km/h
GoKart 100ccm - 22bhp/15NM, 71kg, ~125km/h
GoKart 125ccm - 31bhp/21NM, 71kg, ~140km/h
GoKart 125ccm Shifter - 41bhp/28NM (Turbo), 74kg, ~155km/h, 6-speed

Big thanks to bobskype and Lunae for physics, and mclarenf1papa for starting this project. Also thanks to SimonTek for making first set of skins.

Inspired by Gran Turismo Kart Junior, Kart 100, Kart 125 and Kart Shifter...

Have fun!

Latest updates

  1. ...ready for 1.1.x

    Sorry for late response, too busy with other things, hope you enjoy... Hopefully update of...
  2. some minor changes and new sounds for GoKarts

    V0.3 changelog: - decreased coast values in engine.ini - fixed sounds, changed placeholder sound...
  3. ready for RC1.0.1

    Here are few changes that are included: - all physics files reworked for RC, added damage and...

Latest reviews

Good Mod Thankyou
Good base of GoKart mod
i can't play this mod in version 1.14.4 because whan I copy the folders my computer say me error, error.... 900 errors, can u hel me ?
Best Kart-mod!! Can you PLEASE make further updates to this wonderful mod? Especially AI-opponents can't drive (they always turn the steering-wheel left-right even on straights...).
good mod
Very good mod, better than rFactor (arcade game) mod.
rFactor 1 had much better kart mods 10 years ago...
It looks nothing like a kart, drives nothing like it either, sound is unbearable...
I guess people give it 5 stars cos it's the only kart mod for AC at the moment.
I can't wait for either a HUGE update or a new mod.
This mod is much fun and has great poential! Physics feel quite good already, but the AI is terribly bad. Also. in races, the CPU 99% usage problem occurs after about 1 lap. Thank yoou for your work and lease keep improving it!
Really good start. Can't wait for the final versions thanks.
4 Stars because of the almost immediate engine annihilation. I have driven a Rotax 13bhp, the engine will ping at max revs for hours. Not sure about some of the bigger carts but i imagine they would be much like bikes? A 125cc air cooled bike even with a small turbo would last longer than 0.12 seconds wouldn't it? Other than this, great job mate =)
Great mod!! Dont like the hands floating over steering :( RATE: 8/10
Very nice, thanks!
quite good feeling
Great Mod! Runing well for a wip.
the 125cc shifter is my favorite car of the entire game (period) would love to see a 250 for shits and giggles.
THANK's this is a GREAT Update and it Look's Real now and the Physic's are really getting there now. Thank You, for your Hard work................=)
Thanks for all the time u've spent doing this mod! It's very funny and it has a very good physics!!
When driving this, it is obvious that the mod is not finished. Cars overrev way too easy without warning and steering animations are terrible, despite that a good mod with great potential.
rex1825 is why, it stands in version history:
"- added global lean (left, right, front, back) of driver affected by movement, this is test version, working pretty good on live track, stuttering on replay. Also hands are not always on steering wheel. Updates will come on this!"
No sounds with de 1.0RC...hope can be solved!
Man, I have life :) Yesterday was update of AC, I'm working alone on this... wait a bit please...

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