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Tesla Motors - Model S (P85, S1, GT) 0.9

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Cars in package:

Tesla Model S P85+

310kW, 600NM, 16k rpm, ~215km/h, 2108kg, 85kWh

Tesla Model S Stage 1
330kW, 640NM, 18k rpm, ~250km/h, 1982kg, 85kWh

Tesla Motors Model S GT
2x225kW, 860NM, 14k rpm, 2-speed dry tranny, 320+ km/h, 1512kg, 120kWh

- first of all "WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS" in \system\cfg\assetto_corsa.ini must be set to 0;
- extract rar somewhere on you PC and copy whole folder "content" directly into your Assetto Corsa instalation folder

Latest reviews

Interesting mod. Fix sound with the P100Ds using Content Manager.
The game doesn't load the cars because there is no sound, which sometimes causes the game to crash, if you use a sound that you can ear, it will work.
Game doesn`t load with this cars
doesn't work
not working
doesn't work
definitly not working ...
None of the cars work
Does not work, throughs back to menu after trying to load car. Config for Warnings as Error is set to 0 as asked in description.
doesnt work i go to load it and it just goes back to where i select start
eccellent mod
I applaud the effort. It is a well-created set of cars. I mainly focused on the standard car, though it doesn't handle low speed sharp cornering as well, it is very driveable nonetheless. As it is still a WIP I know you intend to do more on the obvious things, so thanks again.
Same like Mr. JamesJohnson ;D
but it´s definitely a good start! :)
all in all its a good mod but in my opinion the sound of the e-motor could be a bit louder :)
for the begining is it good enough but the arms are not simulated and the cars aren't looking perfect.

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File size
94.9 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
2.56 star(s) 18 ratings

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