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GPLmania Championships 1.2

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The idea of GPLmania is to bring together the best historic cars and tracks made for AC in championships that are either inspired by real historic ones or just fun to drive. Part 6 contains all work of previous parts.

This addon brings you full seasons inspired by real historic championships that were part of the Grand Prix Legends universe. Cars and tracks used are combinations of real seasons and great available mods for Assetto Corsa. The "Into the woods" championship is a fantasy season full of long dangerous circuits, mostly in the forest. This mod is using paid content! If you want to drive all the tracks, you need a amount of approx. 40 Euro to buy them all.

Overview of the main series:

Preview championships.JPG

spin off:
preview spin off series.jpg

Latest updates

  1. v1.2

    -change race length for the "Into the woods" final at Solitude -added xml format to the download...
  2. Part 7 v1.1

    -added a prefix for all to keep them together in the championships overview, preparing for new...
  3. Part 7

    -added "Gems from the East" championship -added Solitude 1964 for "Into the woods" -fixed a...

Latest reviews

Love your work! Thank you very much!
AC essential. Love rainmaker and all his work.
Wonderful! Sincere thanks for this.
Well ok, I was just in the middle of creating my own classic sportscar championship then I saw this amazing pack and deleted mine.
This pack is amazing. thank you some great racing to be had with this stuff
Gems from the east is brilliant. Keep them coming/
I did not expect to nut I absolutely love the "gems of the east"!
great tracks!
All good so far. All links are correct. Amazing work. Please Make more vintage/classic series please
Looks great, definately will check this out. Maybe you could add the download links in an html file in the future? That will save people a lot of copy/pasting all those links :)
I have Notepad++ there links can be clicked directly.

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