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Grand Valley Speedway 0.66

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Here is an upload from a Gran Turismo track to Assetto Corsa. It is, actually, converted from a mod to rFactor, so its not perfect, but is already something. I dont know if I really can upload this because of the legal issues, but i tried to be in contact with the owner, but no success. So, here it is.

I download the original mod (from rFactor) here.
("Grand Valley.rar").

There is no name owner in the mod, but i guess that's from the same guy called "Ewan (Uzzi) Chalker".

OBS- There is a mod "" in the same link on description. Thats why I think that's him, who was last active ten years ago on

OBS1- Ai is not working properly.

Latest updates

  1. Grand Valley Speedway (AI fixed by Deswribilator)

    Changes AI fixed by Deswribilator
  2. Grand Valley Speedway (improved by Deswribilator and Calimero 0euf)

    Changes: 1 - Trees textures 2 - Asphalt Reflection 3 - Pitbox are now reall...
  3. Grand Valley Speedway - New Asphalt- (improved by Deswribilator)

    Change: New asphalt Texture! Provided by Deswribilator...

Latest reviews

Still better than GT7 Grand Valley """"""Hill""""""
Great track, though the addition of the short East layout would be a much-appreciated inclusion.
great for converting from GT
It even has replay cameras! Overall it can certainly be improved a hell of a lot, some stretched, weird texture work and and stuff, but it is what it is!
A great replica for a start. Sure takes me back. :) Please continue to work on this. It's lovely, thanks!
My Favorite track from GT2 / GT3 is now on AC, i'm so happy
The track is a good start, It needs to be a bit more wider in general ( as i remember from GT2 )
Keep the good work, looking forward for the next updates

I've typed Grand valley speedway Assetto corsa on google around 300 time in 3 years to see if someone bring it to AC and finally you did it

Great to see a classical Gran Turismo track ported to Assetto Corsa. Thank you!
Thanks for bringing the OG version of this track to AC and not a different version of the track. It would be a shame to modify and tweek this track to a degree where it's as unrecognizable as a wall of text.
Nice update! its getting better! im not to bothered about wet conditions when there is no proper weather system but would love to see the shorter layout included too as its the version i remember running most on GT2! :) Keep up the progress!
very nice, thank you
I checked out the 0.5 version of this when this track first launched and it was the worst working track I had ever seen in AC. After a few days, I see that it’s been updated, by .15 of a version, so we’re halfway through to v1.0? Turns out, that huge update isn’t really that big and doesn’t fix the many basic issues I first saw in the v0.5 track.

Firstly, this track, converted from the old rFactor version, is based on the version of Grand Valley that appeared in Gran Turismo 1, in 1998. The latest version of Grand Valley is in Gran Turismo 6, 2013. Gaming has moved a long way since then and the upgrades made to the track during that time make the GT1 version completely obsolete and inaccurate. It has huge sudden bumps and rapid elevation changes that don’t exist on later versions of Grand Valley, let alone on real racetracks. The scenery of the GT1 version is designed to optimize performance, letting you see as little track as possible at all times (was released for the PlayStation 1 after all), the kerbs are ridiculously huge and the track, on average, is at least 150% as wide as it is in GT4, 5 and 6. The last game to use this wide rendition of Grand Valley is GT3, after which it was completely remade for GT4.

This 1998 rendition of the track as huge design problems that make it unsuitable for Assetto Corsa. The exaggerated bumps are enough to get the car off the ground, which means that the car gets horribly upset going over them, sometimes even immediately spinning out or lifting the front wheels off the ground. The exaggerated kerbs can be put into the same category as the worst ones on nurburgring nordschleife, even standard road cars in AC cannot cope with them, unlike in Gran Turismo 1. The graphics department is even more hampered by the 1998 design as all of the track is bordered with rock formations, leading to almost claustrofobic track scenery compared to realistic locations. Additionally, the GT1 version has no trackside variety or objects of interests due to performance constraints, this cheapens the track when translated over to AC. On top of this, the GT1 version of this track was never designed to be driven or even seen going in the reverse direction!

Now, taking those design cues and being a conversion from rFactor, the mod looks like it was created in 2005. The tracksides are lined by flat walls of trees, all additional trees are simple 2D sprites, there’s no 3D grass, absolutely no detail in the pits, horrendously low quality textures and models littering the track, low-poly mountains and hills either side of the track and surfaces that are supposed to have depth and 3D detail are completely flat. Lighting is terrible, the hills and scenery objects cast shadows but they look rather bland. The lighting in the tunnels looks completely fake and doesn’t shine off of the walls, the car or the track surface. The water at the bridge section looks solid, more like blue ice than actual water. Many objects around this track, like the braking boards and trees, can only be seen from one direction. In the case of trees, they seemingly dissapear as you’re driving along, while in the case of braking boards, you see them when approaching the corner but they’re invisible if you look back. As you’re driving, you can also find various points where you can simply see through the track into the void…

This leaves us with the biggest issues of all. For some reason, this AC rendition of this track isn’t nearly as wide as it was in GT1. Additionally, I think many corners on this track are inaccurate to how they were in GT1, though that could also be down to the car physics. If the huge width of the original was translated to this AC version, it could be used as a crux to keep the car on the track after hitting one of the huge bumps, with the narrow width it’s really easy to go off track in that situation. There’s also no runoff area anywhere, except the two hairpins, which means cars that lose control on said bumps hit the wall and bounce back on track, possibly hitting others. Further than that, the track surface feels kinda like a billiards table other than for the huge bumps, there must be no differentiation between physics and visual mesh here. The pit lane doesn’t feel like tarmac, it feels really weird and the car is easy to spin there. You can also simply drive through the walls in the pitlane and fall off track to the void, those walls have no collision. Finally, if you don’t want to drive the full Grand Valley layout, you can simply phase through the cones (you don’t actually even hit them) that close off the shorter ”East Section” layout, saving at least 1 minute each lap. I’m not sure if you can actually complete a lap this way, but the fact you can do this is ridiculous.

To conclude, the AI needs some more work. They take some corners completely wrong, you can gain at least a second over the AI in those corners. But at least the AI works and they can pit, as can you! The replay cameras let you see the track in the worst ways possible, many looking in the reverse direction even though the track wasn’t designed to be seen that way. But again, at least the replay cameras work, even featuring two sets for all your needs.

The 0.5 version of this was easily 0 stars out of 5. Considering the improvements made in 0.65, I’d say it’s worth 1 star now. Honestly, I can’t see this ever going past 2 stars if it accurately follows the Gran Turismo 1 design due to the big problems I have pointed out. Grand Valley can be a great track if it’s reworked to suit the needs of Assetto Corsa. The changes and improvements made in later GT games give a good indication as to where to start.
Thank you for realeasing the Grand Valley Circuit to Assetto Corsa. I hope you continue to update this track and add more tracks to Assetto Corsa. Overall i'm surprised there aren't more rfactor to Assetto Corsa track conversions since rFactor is full of excellent tracks.
thx!!! , plz...
Great start - I love the old Gran Turismo tracks. My all-time favourite is Midfield, so if you can convert that track I'd be a happy man. I saw the rFactor version you linked, and although the scenery is different the track itself looks very similar. Even if it's not exactly the same, it's a great circuit nevertheless.
I think you did a mighty fine job on that. Big fun in any formula car. Keep em coming.
good start! :) i used to love gt2 grew up playing it i still play it to this day!! please keep working on this track and improve it! new road textures and better trees will make it look alot nicer! would love to see more gran turismo tracks in assetto in the future!
if you make the objects like in Glava Zete someone did then will be awesome and the rest of track making people
So much better than 0.5 release. I think the version number is quite accurate to how far this is from being about finished now. 0.6 so maybe 60% ready towards a 1.0 release (IMO). Looking forward to see this track progress and be worthy of a solid place in AC just as it originally was in GT2! It's one of my favourite fictional tracks but I am not sure if that's partly nostalgia or partly as its a great track, or a bit of both :-)
Luis Silva Br
Luis Silva Br
So, the big part of track is done, but I think would be better if we add the "anti-clockwise" and the short circuit too. But for now, this is the better
Thx alot, love this track from my Gran Turismo 2 days. (lucky shot in dark, any chans that u gonna do midfield raceway?) Thx anyway :)
Thanks looks awesome (Y)
Luis Silva Br
Luis Silva Br
Midfield is really a good track. But the mod for rFactor is so much different from the original (, that's not in my priority list. But who knows, maybe someday...

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