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Gunma Cycle Sports Center aka Gunsai Touge (New scratch made) 1.2

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Gunma Cycle Sports Center aka Gunsai Touge (GUNma CYcle = GUN CY). Many of you may know this track. This the touge track that Hot Version Touge vids usually show and test cars to their limits! Narrow roads and some speedy yet technical sections can really determine the good or the bad of your vehicle's suspension tuning.

CREDIT: -Nui (original creator of Gunsai Touge rFactor version - Some of textures and buildings are from his track) -Kunos (some of trees and road texture are from Kunos track) -Content Manager guys -Brendon Pywell (BTB / RTB) -All BTB's XPack creators -CG Texture

TESTERS: - Fadzli Jamil - Paduka Syuib Hassan - Tyra Gney - Pascal LAurin - Anthony Williams - Leonardo Ratafia - Donnie Bouch - Artur KontrAkt (dj_amur[DDM]) - Aaron Baake & all DREAM team - Girks Lunar - Oskar Kympers - Mayunaise Chan

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Latest updates

  1. Gunma Cycle Sports Center aka Gunsai Touge (New scratch made)

    - DELETE COMPLETELY v1.1 BEFORE INSTALL v1.2 - CamTool2 Real Replay Cameras are optional *Credit...
  2. Gunma Cycle Sports Center aka Gunsai Touge (New scratch made) v1.1

    Gunsai Touge / Gunma Cycle Sports Center v1.1 RELEASED ! Change Log: - Added light shading for...

Latest reviews


Make sure you do a manual install, nothing else worked for me previously. Hope this helps
You need this. It's one of the staples of ac modding. Such great fun to drive.
Absolutely excellent. This and v1.0 have me addicted; trying different cars and tests. Love this work that you've all done here!!!
The map is quality, but it's mad laggy for absolutely no reason in some areas. assetto says my CPU utilization is 99% but both my CPU and ram are not even close to hitting 50%. and in those areas it just slows down and speeds up at an alternating pace. its a very very weird glitch on an amazing map that I hope gets patched
I love the map, but when I use the gunman cycle center layout, I spawn in the middle of the sky. Can somebody help and figure out why I have this bug?
fantastic map - thank you! Is there a timing/time attack feature?
I launch the map but the map wont load, always crashing, im running a 3090 and 64 RAM, my cpu is sure enough to handle it, Idk why it wont work
One of the best maps out of all the AC mods out there! Project Kaido always delivers breathtaking maps!
Live your Best Motoring dreams on this Gunsai :D
Here's a little video featuring this wonderful map, Best Motoring style:
Not working
it's one of the greatest touge\mountain run maps. 5\5.
Absolutely love the reality details - the asphalt texture is so realistic, the way the tarmac meets edges and brick guttering.
thank you very much.
Awesome map. I have a server set up currently with some decent cars. wish there was a visible version number and working checksums because the older maps will still spawn, just with a different origin height. Maybe for the next version you can find a way to have servers kick you if you have an older map

thanks to everybody involved that help make this and for releasing it
awesome, thanks
Just have a chance to run on this track recently. Masterpiece!
Thx for updating

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