Hankook iON Race Tires

Hankook iON Race Tires 1.0

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Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy texture job to give VRC's excellent Formula Lithium 2023 its real counterparts' tire branding. It also removes all the flares from the inner side of the tire.

I may get around to replacing all the tiny cockpit logos & whatnot if VRC will ever release the relevant texture files (or I'll decide to hack it together from the currently available resources, whichever comes first).


How to install: simply drag and drop the files relevant to the design of your choosing, in the folder of any skin you want to use them with.

Can I include this in my skins? Yes - that's the main reason I uploaded this pack, after all!

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Thanks for this, brings more realism to these cars.

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