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Hawaii Raceway Park

Hawaii Raceway Park was Oahu, Hawaii's first major racetrack. Built in a series of phases starting in 1962, the eventual completed facility became the home of motorsports in Hawaii for over forty years.


HRP as it was popularly known, was also known as Hawaii Motorsports Center, due to the fact that it hosted many different styles of racing venues to include two dirt tracks (stock and bike), go-kart & mini-bike track, 1/4-mile drag strip, and a 1.32 mile road course.


Sadly, in April 2006, HRP closed forever...resulting in practically the complete cessation of motorsports on Oahu beyond a few events such as autocross and rally. It has been turned into an industrial area with warehouses and barely anything remains to remind you that it was once a racetrack.

This is what remained of the historic tower soon after closing and before construction.


Some of the most popular events were drag racing and drifting along with all forms of road racing. Some of you may have heard of Drift Session, which was born here and was one of the first US drifting organizations ever.

The course is known for being unforgiving. One mistake will send you into the bushes or a concrete barricade due to the very little runoff. The most famous portion of the track was known as the "Sweeper" aka the "Rubber Room" thanks to the piles of tires that crowded a very tight and menacing corner that a few cars never came out of in one piece.


This was my home track for a time and I have such fond memories. It was not a big professional looking track. In fact, it was about as grassroots as it gets, and tantamount to just being a road in the boonies in some respects. It was probably the most dangerous racetrack I have ever driven...with tons of protruding fences, poles, and barrels strewn across the property. Even a gate shack was in a very scary location coming down the back straight. But it was home...and man...was good times had there. And now it's completely gone.

As a tribute and a gift to my community, I have endeavored and invested many hours into recreating it for Assetto Corsa using reference photographs I took during events and before closing. I still have a long way to go, but several people have been asking to drive it, even in its current state.

For this reason, I'm releasing it in its current form. I will continue to slowly refine it, to the point where I hope that it will be nearly indistinguishable from the vast swath of photos and video I have collected over the years. Eventually, the track should have a ton of faithfully recreated buildings and roadside objects. In addition, the rain config will be updated once Ilja releases the final code snippets.

I think the spirit of it is already there...I feel it when I drive it. I hope my fellow enthusiasts who had the opportunity to race this track will appreciate this and those of you who have never had a chance to drive it, will also enjoy it for what it is. A grassroots, hometown track that was loved dearly.

If it feels rough...well...that's because it was. Enjoy for now!

Content Manager Required. Recommended CSP and Sol. For rain, please support Ilja Jusupov at his Patreon.

HRP features:
  • 1.32 mile Long Course Layout
  • 24 Car Grid with AI Line
  • Accurate terrain elevation
  • Faithfully recreated buildings
  • Exacting roadside details (poles, fencing, barrels)
  • Grass, Lighting & Rain Config
  • 4 Replay Cameras
  • Waianae Mountain Range Backdrop
Planned additions:
  • Short Course layout
  • Drift layout
  • 1/4 Mile Drag-strip layout with working tree (already in-game)
  • Improved Pit layout for cars (current is a little haphazard)
  • Realistic & faithful road textures that match the original track
  • Additional lighting for night time events
  • Better tree selection
  • More accurate tower with original 76 ball
  • Remaining buildings (snack bar, restrooms, misc.)
  • More accurate hand-made roadside objects
  • Continual tweaking of track camber and elevation
  • Smooth certain road joins that are rough
  • Little details only people who raced here will recognize
  • Optimization


  • Ilja Jusupov - Ilja has given Assetto Corsa new life and without his work, this track wouldn't look anywhere close to what it does without his CSP. Please support his work.
  • Peter Boese - For the incredible weather and clouds that makes Assetto Corsa look so real. Please support him as well.
  • Everyone who supports Circuit Hawaii and our efforts to bring racing back to Oahu






Some images from the old track:




drivers 071.jpg


DSAUG6 012.jpg


Oahu, the most populated island in Hawaii, has been without a track since the closure of HRP...however...the new home of motorsports is currently in development.

An FIA Grade 3 facility is currently being built called Circuit Hawaii and is planned for late quarter 2022. This will be a track built for the locals, but capable of supporting national and international events as well as feature an exclusive luxury membership component for racing enthusiasts from around the world.

For more information, please visit https://circuithawaii.com/

Latest updates

  1. Improved racing!

    Thanks for enjoying this small, grassroots track from Hawaii! Here are some new updates...
  2. We've got light!

    Thank you to everyone for the continued feedback! I know this is a very small, grassroots track...

Latest reviews

Thanks for sharing....nice work...looks good!!
Thank you for sharing this with us! :)
Hope you enjoy it!
I've been actively mapping out old and new tracks all across the US and it makes me so happy to see so many long forgotten tracks being recreated again, this time for AC. I know it takes a lot more effort to get a good track made for AC as opposed to rF1.
Thank you, Socky! Good luck with your efforts!
Very nice !!!
Thank you!
Really fun track, thanks!
Very damn nice Job on this! Can't wait to see what v1.0 will be like :-)
Thank you! Long way to go but getting there!!
The legend lives on this perfect tribute. Thank you!
Thanks, Charles.
Great work!thanks
Thank you! Enjoy!
I love your story. The fact that is has been destroyed and you recreated it for you and us to discover is a real gift, thanks. Great work, it looks really good already. I love it when someone make it personal and tell us the story behind it. Beautiful, keep on working on it.
Thank you very much! It's good to preserve tracks like this for history...appreciate the kind words.
Nice little track with an interesting history. Thank you for introducing this to us.
Thank you! It is a small track, but it has a ton of character!

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