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High Force v1.0

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High Force, by Brun


Made everything better. I hope.

Now includes CSP config in 'asssettocorsa/content/tracks/highforce/extension'.
Any 'highforce.ini' file in 'assettocorsa/extension/config/tracks/loaded' should be removed to prevent conflicts.

Tested on the latest CSP preview 0.1.76p63, something's broken the displacement on the walls so I'm sticking with the 0.1.76p1 for that reason.

Added additional layouts with start points in Middleton-in-Teesdale, Stanhope, St. John's Chapel and Langdon Beck. These have Hotlap starts and Multiplayer spawn points, number of which varies by location as follows...

High Force Hotel: 60
Middleton: 22
Stanhope: 17
St John's: 28
Langdon Beck: 15

I'm not aware of any way to remove the #1 pit lolipop guy when in Hotlap which is annoying

Timing is set up to work anti-clockwise on all layouts

No AI or cameras

Hopefully all the physics issues in the previous version are fixed. Many thanks to all who pointed them out via the support thread or direct message. Pushed the invisible walls back a long way, as commonly requested. Not sure how the physics will hold up further off road, but had a couple of big offs in testing and it seemed ok.


***WORK IN PROGRESS*** Please bear this in mind with regards to feedback

No AI at the moment so offline is limited to hotlap and practice. There are spawn points for other vehicles so multiplayer may work, but is completely untested.

The driving *should* be pretty solid. The open areas have invisible walls not far from the road so there's no opportunity to go completely cross-country, accidentally or otherwise.

Most ovbious of the things left to do is the unfinished buildings. Was planning to get through all that before making it public, but progress is slow.

I've added cones and roadworks signs at some junctions where it's not obvious which direction to go. If you get familiar with the route and want rid of them, edit the models.ini file and remove the last entry.

There's support for AO and grass if using CSP. Not really getting the results I want from the AO baking, but it's still an improvement over the default. For the grass, the 'highforce.ini' file should be copied to '\extension\config\tracks'

Latest updates

  1. High Force v1.0

    Hope this is worth the very considerable wait since the beta. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy...

Latest reviews

Very good!
best map
One of the best maps for AC, without a doubt!
Probably one of the most fabulous maps ever built for AC, and a pretty badass name too. Just wish the BeamNG port could be released as well.
for anyone with dust issues, check surfaces.ini and under leaves surface change DIRT_ADDITIVE to 0. I can have cars now without a giant dust cloud. great map.
One of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had in AC.Nice work.
Sick map! Just needs TV cameras for the replays now!
its a good track but need a better ai in most of the time the ai drive on the grass and just hit wall.....needs to be for a race not traffic
Stunning track, Set your time to sunrise. Update with replay cams, would be perfect.
I have been on holidays around this area a few times and it feels spot on driving around here. Brilliant mod.
Thx for your fantastic job!!!
Absolute class, I live nearby and drive these roads, look forward to where this can go in the future. Well done, never experienced a game feel so surreal :)
Simply Amazing ! Get yourself a beer Sir, Many thanks.

Anyone for High Force with Ai ?
Has a yank that dreams of driving a healey in and around the U.K. countryside you fulfilled my buck list. I sent a donation but it don't compare to the work you have done. Hope to one day really do the drive. thank you. amazing!
VR, Porsche 911 Singer, Scattered Clouds (Sol), 04:30 am, + your track = laughing with joy. Thank you so much for this experience.
I just downloaded it but when I launch the game it says "ERROR higforce, highforce...." something like that.
A meticulously crafted labour of love that truly captures the feeling of cruising along the English countryside. An absolutely essential mod
Thank you Brun for such an amazing map. Having a blast everytime I drive on it in AC.

Since I live far away from the UK, I won't be able to fully grasp the level of work that you put in the making of this jewel to make it as accurate as possible but it looks like "Dave Cam" did a comparison video of it VS IRL on youtube:

Once again, thank you Brun (y)

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