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Tracks High Force v1.0

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Brun submitted a new resource:

High Force - BETA - North Pennines 30-mile road course

High Force v0.1 by Brun

***WORK IN PROGRESS*** Please bear this in mind with regards to feedback

No AI at the moment so offline is limited to hotlap and practice. There are spawn points for other vehicles so multiplayer may work, but is completely untested.

The driving *should* be pretty solid. The open areas have invisible walls not far from the road so there's no opportunity to go completely cross-country, accidentally or otherwise.

Most ovbious of the things left to do is the...

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Kindly offer a custom shader patch cofiguration for lights, seasons, grass, etc. done by my Track Config Builder app.

Custom Shader Patch config download link
Thanks for all the positive reviews! Apologies for the half-arsed presentation but it was getting late last night and I just wanted to get it released. Will get some screenshots and maybe a video up soon.

The version numbering is totally arbitrary. I nearly went with 1.0 but realised some idiot would take that as meaning finished and start grumbling about stuff. Decided 0.1 might give people a pleasant surprise :)

It's actually about 3.5 years since I started it. The inspiration was Kunos's Highlands track which I didn't think captured the feeling of typical British roads. Realise that wasn't their primary intention, but I fancied having a go myself. Spent ages on google maps and streetview to find a route of the right length and with a lot of variety in the roads. Am really pleased with the way this has the runs up/down the rivers (Tees and Wear if anyone's interested) and the two trips over the top.

There's been many times when I'd thought I'd never get it finished - and months on end when it went untouched - but I knew it was worth persisting because it was so good to drive. Can't promise updates will be particularly frequent, but will try and address any issues that people discover.
Just wondering: where did you get the inspiration to name it High Force ? :)
It (especially the roads) look absolutely stunning. It will be great for cruising and admiring the landscape, maybe even with traffic. I doubt I will ever race it though (50km !).
Btw: I ended up doing two laps yesterday, mainly because in practice mode the timer did not stop and only after a while I realized I was there before... :D
Ah...very well optimized too (188 fps AVG on my triple system - alone on track).

Edit: for some reason the timer worked today. Maybe because I started from 'pits' in stead of starting line ?
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High Force is the name of the waterfall along the southern section of the track. The pit spawns are in the car park of the High Force Hotel. I'd considered moving the hotlap and practice starts there too, for consistency, but I'm so used to the current locations I didn't want to change them. Might do in future if people think that makes more sense.

As for the timing, I've got a feeling that it currently only works in one direction. Might try and copy the way bridge to gantry is done at the Nordschleife, although I'm not sure if that works backwards either. If not it'll have to be different layouts for clockwise and anti.

Good to hear performance is decent. I've been getting a bit of stuttering in VR even though the framerate is mostly fine.
Kindly offer a custom shader patch cofiguration for lights, seasons, grass, etc. done by my Track Config Builder app.

Custom Shader Patch config download link
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Thanks. 3D grass seems fine in the fields but it'd be great to have it right next to the roads where it's most noticeable.
(Unless I've not installed it properly - there are no instructions).
The extension is in capitals too, but I'm not sure if this matters (highforce.INI instead of highforce.ini)

I exited right from the pits and the only corner I found confusing was the double 90 left over a stone bridge, without markers I assumed it'd do an S.
My first thoughts were hmm...High Force...what a weird name and so would be the track since it only is 0.1 but then I discovered the uploader behind that is Brun which brought us Donington so I will definitely give it a go once I get back from work today. There is a high risk of overseeing your work @Brun

I also think the name might throw some people off, it doesn't scream "fun authentically british roads", even though it is a real location.

It really does have the feeling of real UK roads though, its one of the few tracks out there that makes 100mph feel fast, which is awesome.

Obviously super WIP, but maybe consider fixing the smoothing on all the stone buildings? Should be simple enough to just split smoothing via angle etc. Right now most have averaged normals which looks kinda bad.
I could not resist taking the Morgan 3-wheeler for a 'touristic' spin... :)
Oh, and the timer worked today (maybe because I was starting from the 'pits' ?).
I used @ly993 config, summer, late afternoon, broken clouds.
I also could not resist taking 'some' screenshots. Here a few:








Though I see wind is enabled (and working for the grassFX, the trees are not moving as far as I could see ?
With windspeed set from 13-27 km/h, they should move though.
@Brun, I have to echo the other comments about the track name. When I saw 'High Force' added to uploads I immediately thought 'crappy Facebook drag strip or car park skid pan' and was about to give it a hard pass until I saw your name. Only locals might recognise the 'High Force' moniker, and there could be other geographically-correct names that might suit it better, like Barnard Castle Loop maybe? Or Teesdale Run? North Pennines Ring? The phrase 'High Force' might have all sorts of inappropriate motorsport baggage associated with it. You don't want Max Power magazine showing up for a video shoot, do you..? ;)

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