Horsma Raceway

Horsma Raceway 1.0

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1.0 Released December 2019!

Type: permanent road course

- Full 5.2km
- Club 3.4km
- Trophy 4.4 km
- Wet layouts of each


A fantasy track in Finland. The track is somewhat worn and not well maintained and as such the track surface is pretty bumpy and patched up. The track is fast flowing and traditional and is well suited for most cars. But the challenging old school nature makes it also tricky for the modern fast cars.

The track comes in three variations. The Full version is the full length track with the "old" loop making the track length 5.268 kilometers or 3.27 miles. The fast corners are challenging in all kinds of cars and the twistier bits are fun in all categories as well. The shortest Club layout is 3.442 km or 2.14 miles. This layout is optimal for single seaters and touring cars. Then there is the Trophy layout which leaves out the tighter corners of the full layout making its length little shorter at 4.4 kilometers or 2.73 miles. This layout is ideal for historic race cars and any fast cars.

There is a wet version of all of the layouts. In the dry there is little more grip on the racing line but in the wet it is advisable to experiment as there is little more grip off the racing line.

The track download also comes with some career events. You can find these in the career section of the game. There is a mix of hotlap events, races and quick races. The hotlap events have very difficult gold lap time targets. If you want those gold times you really need to work for them. The races have adjustable opponent strength which means you can tune the event difficulty to your liking.

The track also support night racing through the SOL addon and shaders patches in content manager. You need to have these installed to be able to use these features but these addons are purely optional and not required to be able to enjoy the track and career events.

(all videos of 0.9x versions, 1.0 videos coming soon)
Onboard lap of the Full layout:
TV cam lap:

Onboard lap of the Trophy layout:
More videos on the channel




3.png 4.png 5.png 7.png wet3.png

The track is now 1.0. This means that the track has all the features I've planned to add to it. New developments with the base game and common addons like SOL, content manager and shaders patch could mean more features could be added later. Naturally if there are issues with the track a patch will be made to address those issues.

Get Mascot's superb billboard addon for this track here:

Thanks to ac community for support and creating tools and documentation. Thanks to my amazing beta testers roq and andy riches. Thanks to Leonardo Ratafiá for additional track cameras and testing. Thanks to LilSki for writing excellent tutorials and guides and testing. Thanks mascot for testing and his work on adboards.

If you wish to support me financially I recommend instead supporting the following people and projects (not in any order) : Assetto Corsa Content Manager, Custom Shader Patch, SOL and LilSki.

Latest updates

  1. 1.0 Release! Added wet layouts +more

    Version 1.0 - added grip differences to driving surfaces. Track surface is now grippier on...
  2. 0.92 version update

    - new reworked pit entry to fix ac issue with wrong way warnings on trophy layouts (danger +50%)...
  3. Small update fixing many smaller issues

    Install: You can can simply install this over the old one overwriting the files. Change log...

Latest reviews

What a track. Good flow, great corners
Absolutely incredible to race in.
Easily my favorite track for AC, every car I've tried out feels great across all layouts, truly impressive work
Beautiful and challenging track. Fun to drive in every car.
Thank you!
Thank you for making it! So good, doesn't even need Sol and CSP to shine!
something special... instant favorite.

beautiful intensity, good flow, a track surface and curbs that try to kill you in the best ways if you bring something fast. everything about this is enjoyable and incredibly rewarding. visuals still hold up well.
Wow, just gone to the top of my list, awesome track. Love the elevation changes, every bump, every corner, amazing.
Unbelievable high quality workmanship here. The fact that this circuit is fictional is lost in the first few laps due to level of immersion. There are very few similarly high-quality mods of known real-world club tracks available, so I couldn't care less about the fictional nature anyway. Thanks to @Ghoults for the time, research and work in creating this excellent circuit.
One of my all time favourite tracks! That's also why I'm hosting a little "Different/Equal" race on Tuesday, May 17th 2022 here on RaceDepartment for all premium members.
So if you are an RD Premium member, join us and enjoy this wonderful creation!
Love this track, so much with the Caterham. The new CSP allows for wind and rainfx which would be awesome. Any chance that we'll get a night setup as well with some track lights?
There are lights for night racing. Are there some new night features or what do you mean night setups? Thanks for the positive review!
How have I lived without this track for so long? The technical layout, the elevation changes, the superb road mesh, the atmosphere...incredibly addicting.
A wonderful track is all I can say!
Love the elevation and corner layout, also the scenery around it!
very nice track, but i feel like you could get rid of the wet layouts and instead implement rain fx onto the normal ones
I have not yet looked into the rain fx. But as it is now the rain layouts have things modelled like the dry racing line having less grip so rain racing lines do work. And puddles which the rain fx (as far as I know) doesn't do.

From my pov the main weakness of the track's rain configs is that the grip is very much set and for some cars there is too little grip and for some little too much as the same values don't work for all. I'll take a look at what rain fx does but I don't think overall it is better than what is there yet.
Awesome track ! One of the best ,a must have track. Real fun to race on ,it has it all. Thanks for this masterpiece.
Love this track! and with the awesome addon "Real Billboard" of Mascot, it's a haunting one!
Here is my tiny contribution to this beautiful work: A review (in french, for my league) https://www.racingfr.net/wbb/index.php?thread/9066-ac-horsma-raceway/&postID=623634#post623634
and also a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1XaEmXjBaA
hoping it will help more people to notice it too.
Thanks for the video, the review and the kind words!
Fantastic! Excellent surface detail. Combined with elevation changes it is highly immersive. More tracks like these please!
I want to marry this track, that is how much I love it! It has everything, ups, downs, lefts, rights. No 2 corners are alike. Really works well with vintage cars.
If Ebisu and Road Atlanta had a baby.
I can't believe i've missed this... Just got back in AC from a long(ish) brake and stumbled on this. Now i have a new favorite. Thank you, excellent work!
Without a doubt my favorite track in AC! Great track with some technical corners and high speed parts, like a mini-Nordschleife

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