Imola Rev.2019-2020 Ed.

Imola Rev.2019-2020 Ed. 1.0

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Imola 2019-2020 Edition


- Added : balloons, billboards, new textures around the track, ui files and more ...

REMEMBER : You must deselect the skins for online play and you have to take the first layout named Imola (not Imola Revised) "same for other tracks by me"


Official "models.ini" file by Kunos for online gaming Download Here
Install : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\imola\

Ultimate solution :

You may need to delete this mod HERE
or delete my mod. (you're free)
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Latest reviews

Looks amazing! Sadly cant play online even with the models. ini files
Awesome. There's an ACC conversion floating around that is mediocre at best and this just kicks that in the rocks. To anyone with checksum issues, just create a copy of your Imola and rename it to Imola 2019 or something and you're good. Excellently done my friend.
je viens de l'installer ca fonctionne nikel :)

grand merci a toi et enfin plus de grosse fumée de poussière derrière moi plus facile pour les courses :)
i accidently deleted imola because i thought u had to, now me am sad boi :(
good offline
no show online. Had to verify game files
very good job, thank you :)
damn men, I overwritten as you asked, and now it doesn't work online...
Not working to me i paste files in imola folder and nothing in game still old imola PLS Help
Ottimo ;)
Really nice work :). Can you make curbs with this white arrows like in real life ? That would be amazing :)
Is there anyway u could upload the original files of imola because i messed it all up. I can't get it back to the original file to where i can play it online. I also downloaded the original model u added but it still doens't make a difference and it still shows the 2 Imola's on content manager the "normal one which isn't normal and the revised one). It would help me alot to have the original! Thanks in advance.
Great job, thank you!
Absolute great skin for the default track high quality and genuinely realistic!
Love your mods!
Hello,how do I install the mod if I don't have content manager? I tried to replace the files for AC but the track is still in AC's version
Incredible job! It is difficult for me to comment in any MOD, but in yours, it really is to be congratulated. So, we in the Asseto Corsican community need this, from guys like you. Thank you
I'm italian and Imola is my favourite track, been there several times and absolutely love this mod!

The problem is it breaks the track for online play: it gives you the "Error: Checksum Failed" message and even the "models.ini" provided by the author doesn't fix it.

It's strange because I have all his mods and for example the Spa one works perfectly online, wonder why Imola doesn't?

I gave 3/5 for this problem but if you play offline it's a solid 5/5!
Franchement super top ! Mais même en mettant imola et en desactivant les skins et en mettant le fichier d'origine models, le jeu ne se lance pas en LIVE !!!
Quel dommage !!!!!! J'ai du l'effacer et remettre les fichiers d'origine .
Si quelqu'un a une astuce je suis preneur.

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